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Adventure in the Woods by Jennifer Lee-Southwick

Posted by Gary Robusto on September 12, 2013 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Written by Jennifer Lee-Southwick

I can now say that I have 2 Sasquatch missions under my belt. I was a bit apprehensive going in to the woods and wandering around in the dark. I really thought that I was going to be left in the middle of the woods huddled under some tree praying for my team mates to find me. Boy was I ever WRONG!!! I was taken care of very well. :) Gary and Amy lead the missions; they made sure I was with one of them the entire time (they did not lose me in the woods). The first time in the woods with them I thought they wanted to kill me though they had me hike forever up hill in to the mountians (I am not in that kind of shape to do this)-they were very encouraging the entire time. After we got to our destination, "base camp", they let me rest for a bit (thank you) and we got started.

The second time was a bit more low key, we had just a nice distance to go to our base camp and we got set up and started. Most of the night was a breeze but then Gary decided to have me go off trailing with him. That was an adventure in the dark, I trusted him to get us to our destination and back but boy let me tell you all those moss covered rocks were a pain. I thought I was going to break my ankle and he would have to carry me...that would of been a sight, If you know what we look like in person you will laugh at this thought. So in conclusion the adventures Sasquatching for the first time was not bad at all. Gary, Amy and the rest of the NYBS were amazing to guide a newbee like me. I am blessed to be a part of Tri-City and NYBS and I am looking forward to more adventures and training with both groups!

Invisibility - Blog #23

Posted by Gary Robusto on September 3, 2013 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Did That UFO Just Disappear?

by Tom Conwell, Ufologist

Active invisibility experiments have been ongoing on our Earth for about 30 years and a working model exists. A cloak (fabric) has been invented made up of carbon nanotubes. This is really small but it does exist. First of all a definition: You have all heard about mirages especially seen in the desert. Some of you may actually have seen one. A mirage in the desert is caused when (from How Things Work) "... temperature difference between sand and air bends, or refracts, light rays. The refraction swings the light rays up toward the viewer’s eyes instead of bouncing them off the surface. In the classic example of the desert mirage, this effect causes a 'puddle' of sky to appear on the ground, which the logical (and thirsty) brain interprets as a pool of water. You've probably seen similar effects on hot roadway surfaces, with distant stretches of the road appearing to gleam with pooled water." What does carbon nanotubes do to what you see? When carbon binds with another carbon atom, it is really strong, I mean really strong like steel. Carbon can be made in very thin sheets, so thin that it's not thicker than one atom. These sheets can be rolled into little tubes and bound together into a small sheet of paper so to speak. Carbon also is a great conductor of electricity. When one side of the sheet is heated and immersed in water, there becomes a large temperature difference across the nanotubes which promotes the same effect as a mirage. Light bends around the sheet and what is behind the sheet now becomes visible. Viola, an invisibility cloak. We have also experimented with taking a camera, filming what is behind a person wearing a cloak, changing it to make it seem real from a different distance, then projecting it onto a cloak in the front. What the observer will see is what is behind the wearer of the cloak. It works, sorta! What if you were able to take a complex series of cameras and projectors, make the floor of a jumbo jet in under the pilot's feet as if they could see through it allowing the pilot to have complete visibility of what the plane is doing especially at touch down? We're close to doing that! What if we could allow a Dr. to operate on a person remotely while looking at a robot. What then if we projected the real person's image onto the robot - how real would that be? Can't do that yet! ... or maybe an invisible tank for the battlefield? (Thanks to How Stuff Works for some super ideas!!!!!)

If an extraterrestrial civilization is to travel light years to see us, it would be ridiculous to think that they have the exact technology as us. They would likely be a thousand years ahead of us. Don't you think that they could have built something into the outer skin of their craft that would cause the precise thing that we are experimenting with now. Why couldn't they be able to manipulate the skin of the craft to cause weird effects that would make it difficult to take a picture of, with slight distortions of light causing every picture to come out blurry, defocused or just plain unrecognizable and maybe that's normal for the ships to produce that effect. (Maybe that's why poor pictures of UFO's are the norm.) If large amounts of voltage is responsible for this cloaking to operate, do you remember the blog about EMF? That can cause some weird effects. A small change in voltage to one spot or the other could easily alter the look, apparent size, shape and invisibility of this craft. I can see this as a likely extension of this technology, we'll figure it out some day or maybe someone will teach us - soon. I can always hope.

Tom Conwell, UFOlogist


Charging The UFO's Batteries Or Whatever It Uses

Posted by Gary Robusto on August 13, 2013 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Topic: Charging The UFO's Batteries or Whatever It Uses

There are several ways that a UFO can charge its battery. Sure, we don't know what the storage devices are, how the power is generated and if storage is even necessary. The only thing that I can operate with comes from our own technologies. So based on that here it goes with my shot at power generation, a need for storage and alien technologies.

1) Sunlight harvesting - We have been cultivating better and better ways to harness the energy of the sun over the past 50 years. Right now we use precious little sunlight as an energy source. What would happen if in the next 50 years we developed a way to convert huge amounts of sunlight to pure energy? Our lives would forever be changed. There would be so much energy available to everyone that we would be able to disassemble every power plant and never use fossil fuels again. Countries that are holding the world hostage over their supplies of energy would suddenly become irrelevant for their oil. That's how it would affect us now what could it do to supply a UFO with power? The stars in the Universe are producing enormous amounts of light, why can't a civilization use these stars to recharge the outputs of their space vehicles? Have they found a way to produce super batteries or is it necessary to produce power as you go?

2) Dark energy stripping or dark matter utilization - In a previous blog, I talked about dark matter/dark energy and how it is making galaxies accelerate away from each other. I also mentioned that we can see only 5% of the entire Universe and that everything else is dark to us. In one thousand years, I would expect to be able to use this dark stuff for our good seeing that it is everywhere. We should be able to grab a blob here and there and travel to the next star with it, why not?

3) Neutrino harvesting - Neutrinos come from the Universe due to nuclear interactions that occur in the Sun and in all distant stars and especially in supernovae. They rarely interact with anything on their travels that's why they are called Weakly Interacting Massless Particles or WIMPS. For example, if you hold your hand toward the sunlight for one second, about a billion neutrinos from the sun will pass through it, says Dan Hooper, a scientist at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and an associate professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Chicago. These things hold tremendous amounts of energy because of their speed but to date no one has been able to harness their energy. Who knows what an advanced civilization will be able to do?

4) Electro-magnetic energy from the sun - The magnetic field around the Sun is very strong. In a previous blog, I talked about EMF electro-magnetic fields and how powerful they appeared to be on the Earth. They are way more powerful around the Sun and there is no reason why they can't be utilized to produce tremendous energy surges or maybe even a way to open up wormholes to different stars. The field around a star is a magnetic field that is beyond what anyone on Earth has ever experienced. I have seen a few YouTube video clips of what is purported to be a UFO entering the fields around the Sun. The veracity of some of those remains in question but why can't an extraterrestrial civilization use existing magnetic fields for power generation? No reason that I can exclude. They are there for the taking, we would only need to figure out how, maybe in a thousand years.

5) Magnetic field sucking off planets - After discussing magnetism from a star, why can't power be sucked from a planet that has a magnetic field. Not all planets have magnetic fields so if you are an extraterrestrial civilization, why not grab it when you can. This may be lots easier than entering the corona of a star so grab it where it's easiest and utilize it to navigate that planet. I'm not sure if it's possible to utilize a planets magnetic field to open a portal to a different star but if you can, go for it.

6) Black hole banditry - Here is where things get really dicey. If it wasn't bad enough to enter the outer core of a star, try entering the close in portion of a black hole. The material around you as you go would be moving at nearly the speed of light which would make it hazardous and almost impossible to escape. The energy would be there for the taking but you may need to use all of it to escape. I wouldn't choose that route. One of the by-products of a black hole is tremendous jets of x-rays and highly charged particles that can eliminate entire civilizations thousands of light years away from it. This would not be good to get in the way of but the energy would be tremendous and it moves in a different direction as the disk of matter around a black hole. Who says that an extraterrestrial civilization has not invented a drone that will sit in the path of this x-ray blast and harvest its energy? Maybe that would be possible in a Type III civilization (previous blog) where they may have learned to harness the energy of a black hole with a drone and return it for use. Since we have barely left our own Solar system and we are still thousands of years from this, we can still dream.

7) Pulsar plucking - Pulsars are really weird dead stars that pulse huge amounts of energy in a perfectly rhythmic pattern. A pulsar is a fast rotating neutron star that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation. This beam is very intense. I would not want to get in the way of this beam but surely a drone could enter the beam, suck out some energy and return to its home very easily. This regular pulsating energy might be a great source of energy for a civilization trying to maintain life in deep space.


Many different ways of harnessing power has been discussed above. It's entirely possible that none of the above ways is feasible and some unknown energy might be there for the taking. This is my best guess based on what I know at this point. This is still fun to think about. I can't get enough of this.

Tom Conwell, UFOlogist


Quantum Weirdness

Posted by Gary Robusto on August 6, 2013 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (0)

TITLE: Quantum Weirdness

Quantum Mechanics is just weird. In my opinion, there may be ten people in this world that truly understand it, another hundred or so more that can speak it and everyone else is a pretender. I am a pretender, that is why I rely on the words of others to speak this language. I attempted to read a few books and make this understandable. It was tough but this is my best effort at weird-speak. I relied heavily on the book "A Universe From Nothing" written by Lawrence M. Krauss. It is heavily quoted and as before I used quotes when I used the exact wording but for the most part consider this blog as heavily influenced by Theoretical Physicist and Cosmologist Lawrence Krauss. I love this guy!

Where can an extraterrestrial space craft get its energy from, how can it fill up with power across the cosmos, can it get here with one fill-up? This stuff is too weird to think about. I guessed in a previous blog that one way for an extraterrestrial craft to get unlimited energy was from dark energy. This is a possible reason for dark energy and I would like for all of you to consider this. Now to the world of Quantum Mechanics and I apologize again for the degree of weird-osity. Is there really nothing in deep space? What is space and where does it come from? Can an extraterrestrial operated space ship stop in the middle of the Universe, far from any star, and fill-er-up? Strange question but the short answer is maybe.




What does quantum mean?

As an example consider the entire debt of the US, a typical quantum of that would be a trillionth of one cent or .0000000000001 of a cent sorta. Another way to consider this is if you start with a drop of water, you would need to get down to the atomic size of an electron in a hydrogen atom to be considered a quantum.

Quantum Mechanics: Deals with a phenomenon where the sizes of things are at the level of atoms or .000000000000000000000001 meters. It's an attempt to study and explain how atoms and their associated particles interact with each other. I promised that I wouldn't write about the quantum world but I really need to say something. "At the heart of quantum mechanics is a rule that sometimes governs politicians - as long as no one is watching, anything goes." "Quantum fluctuations imply something essential about the quantum world; nothing always produces something, if only for an instant. If the state that a system fluctuates into requires sneaking some energy from space, it must do this in a short enough time so that no one measuring the system can detect it." (Pop into and out of existence?). I told you this stuff is weird!!!!!!!!


How does something POP into existence then back out before it can be measured?

Take a shoebox full of deep space, look inside and what do you see? Nothing, but that is not the final answer because we didn't look closely enough. Let's go to the quantum level - take a chunk of space out of the shoebox that is 1/1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 of the box and look again. There are electrons (positively and negatively charged) that POP into existence, slam into each other then disappear in a flash of energy in less time than can be observed. How is this known - Mathematics of energy calculations. The Math never worked out unless this roiling, broiling of energy was taken into effect. Where does this stuff come from? Can it be accessed? Let's look a little closer. "It certainly seems sensible to imagine that matter cannot spontaneously arise from nothing. But when we allow for the dynamics of gravity and quantum mechanics, we find that this common sense notion is no longer true." What is nothing anyhow?

All energy is clumped out in the Universe. It would be simple to conclude that it is probably clumped with all of the galaxies. Not so fast. The majority of energy is found in deep space with nothing around. 30% of energy is found with the galaxies and 70% resides in deep space itself. It is this 70% that is causing the Universe to accelerate. If it weren't for this, gravity would cause the Universe to compress. OK, the Universe is expanding rapidly, well NO it is accelerating rapidly. As galaxies move apart faster and faster, gravity moves and stays with these galaxies. It actually creates a sucking-like action on space as it flies apart. This expansion actually dumps energy into expanding space just like a vacuum cleaner sucks air and dirt from the environment. So if energy is being dumped into open space, who is to say that it can't be harvested by someone who is inventive and creative. This extraterrestrial civilization may indeed be thousands of years advanced from ours and who knows what technologies exist here. Could they have created an energy vacuum for deep space? The short answer here to this question is maybe. This stuff has to come from somewhere.


How do the lessons of the quantum world apply to the world we live in?

TRANSISTORS - How a transistor might work was predicted by Quantum Mechanics. By the 1950's these devices were operational and by the 60's started to replace tubes in electronic circuits. we never looked back,

CRYPTOLOGY/CRYPTOGRAPHY - " Quantum cryptography takes advantage of some of the quirky properties of the smallest bits of matter to operate. For instance, simply measuring the properties of a quantum system changes those properties. Accordingly, if someone intercepts the quantum key to an encoded message, they will change the key in the process. When the intended recipient examines the key, that person then knows the key was intercepted and can request a new key.",

LASERS - Adding energy to an atom causes the electrons in the atom to jump to a different level within the atom. As these electrons relax to their original state they emit photons (light) which can be focussed into a laser beam,

QUANTUM COMPUTERS - Transistors were designed small but true Quantum Mechanics was put to the test by making atoms into transistors and performing the same basic tasks. Entire computers are not far behind.,

INSTANTANEOUS COMMUNICATION - Quantum entanglement states that if one atom is forced to change the other will follow instantaneously no matter how far apart they may be. Could this be used as an instantaneous communication device across the heavens? Maybe.

TELEPORTATION - "Beam me up, Scotty." This may some day be possible. Who knows?

All of the above in various forms have been created or are works in progress because of quantum mechanics. They were predicted to exist from the Theories of Quantum Mechanics.


So the quantum world has some real life applications for all of us. Weird, for sure, but this weirdness has predicted the existence of and ultimately produced some of the best stuff to date.

Tom Conwell, UFOlogist

UFO or Meteor?

Posted by Gary Robusto on July 31, 2013 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)

We all should have learned early on that when a spacecraft manned by humans returns to Earth that the re-entry into our atmosphere was possibly the most dangerous moment for the astronauts (taking off was scary too.) Early spacecraft looked like a triangle from the side and the bottom portion was the heat shield which is the most protected area and the leading edge of re-entry. This heat shield was made of a Silica-Fiber resin and be able to withstand temperatures of up to 2,300F degrees. After a while it became pretty easy for our engineers to determine at what angle and speed that it would be necessary to enter the atmosphere successfully after orbit. When we went to the Moon, the craft returned at a higher speed and different trajectory and it became critical again. A miscalculation here would cause the craft to skip off the atmosphere and out into deep space like a flat stone on water or cause the craft to come in at too steep of an angle and burn up in re-entry.

Asteroids have the same problem. First a few definitions:

Asteroids - pieces of debris left over from the formation of our solar system.

Meteor - An asteroid that enters the Earth's atmosphere.

Meteorite - The remnants of a meteor that has burned and struck the Earth.


When a meteor strikes the Earth's atmosphere, it creates a shockwave that will wrap around it. (This same shockwave causes radio transmissions to fail from any spacecraft preventing communication during re-entry.) Take a baseball and throw it as hard as you can at a still swimming pool. If you were to film this and rfeplay in slow motion, you will see the water evacuate in the area of the hit and literally see a shockwave form around the ball. This is like the effect of a meteor striking the atmosphere. The effect would be so monumental that the air would heat up around the meteor and actually burn and create different colors doing so. The meteor would also heat and the chemical structure within it would also burn. The actual color seen would be influenced by the compression and heating of the atmosphere as it strikes then continues downward slowing as it goes.The colors created would reveal the composition of the meteor like:

orange/yellow - Sodium

yellow - Iron

blue/green - Copper

purple - Platinum

red - Silicates (The most abundant elements in the Earth's crust are oxygen (46.6%) and silicon (27.7%). Minerals which combine these two elements are called silicates.)

When I was in Chemistry class, one of the tasks that we performed was to take a sample that we were provided, burn it with a Bunson Burner and record the color changes. This color would reveal the composition of the compound or metal. NO, we could not put the sample into a Mass Spectrometer. This was before electricity was invented and there was no place to plug it in. Besides what would we learn by reading off the results on a printout.


As these chemicals burn off, it may cause the meteor burn to change colors (as viewed from the Earth.) This may be upsetting to the viewer because it will look as if the falling craft/meteor is under intelligent control. As the meteor slows, pieces will likely be burning and falling off and may no longer be contained by the shockwave. This may look like craft taking off from the mothership. What about pieces flying off from the meteor as the shockwave lessens and dissipates. The pieces falling and burning off of the meteor are not perfect spheres or projectiles and these pieces will have an infinite amount of different shapes. Did you ever closely watch a Major League pitcher throw a baseball? Let's look a little closer at that now.


A curve ball is thrown when the pitcher spins the ball (perfectly round) as it is being thrown. The baseball will build up a high pressure on one side of the ball (compression of air) and on the other side of the ball will be a low pressure (rarefaction of air.) The higher pressure will force the ball toward the lower pressure - viola a curveball. (By the way this compression and rarefaction of air should mean something else to you - sound.) You have all heard about spitballs, doctoring the ball, adding foreign substances or cutting the ball. Throwing a baseball at 90MPH with the perfect sphere having something attached will cause the ball to act really weird and be unpredictable to hit or to control. Putting a slight cut in the ball will cause some really weird things to happen to this perfect sphere. If you are a budding pitcher - Umpires are on the lookout for curveballs that are too good to be true.

Now, what do you think could happen when an oddly shaped object that hits the atmosphere at 30 miles per second, starts heating up from the compression of the atmosphere then breaking apart as it slows? Really weird things I can assure you. A non-spherical object cast off from a meteor, will slow rapidly, tumble and be deflected into who knows what trajectory. It might spin away and up, stay alongside for a while or go straight down all the while burning and giving off light and scaring the heck out of anyone watching. Whatever you see from this could be one of the stranger sights that you have ever witnessed. This still remains a rock burning up and not a visit from an extra-terrestrial civilization.


Depending on where and how the meteor entered the atmosphere, it could present itself to you in any of 100 ways. It may look like landing lights from an airplane hovering in the air for a long time as it approaches you from up to 100 miles away to a streak across the sky at up to 50 miles above you. You can draw few conclusions from what you see except for the colors during the burn. It may do almost anything.


NOTE: a 90 degree turn during a high speed flyby could indicate something other than a meteor. I would hope at this time that you are filming this!

Tom Conwell, UFOlogist


Psychics 101: An Overview Of Psychic Phenomena

Posted by Gary Robusto on July 23, 2013 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)


Written by Reverend Joe Giannini

The article presented here by John Culbertson is an overview of the primary psychic phenomena or psychic abilities commonly known. While there are self-proclaimed professional psychics, and some of them are reasonably good: there is no replacement for formal psychic development classes. Especially if you wish to professionally engage in providing “psychic” readings for others. Knowing how to correctly interpret the impressions or what you are “picking up” is essential. Not everyone is “cut-out” to be a professional psychic. Most professional psychics are not mediums. While a psychic may tune in to a discarnate entity and “pick up” things it is usually through the use of psychic phenomena. Mental Mediumship is the ability to communicate with those in spirit or entities using other innate and learned abilities, in addition to psychic phenomena discussed in the article below. That is why everyone is psychic to an extent, but not everyone is a medium.

Rev. Joe


Are you Psychic?

By: John Culbertson

A common question I typically hear from my clients and beginning students is “Am I psychic?” The answer has and will always be the same. Of course you are!

I firmly believe that EVERY person who is born into this physical world has strong intuitive and psychic abilities which are woven and genetically implemented right into their DNA structures.

Who out there has not had a psychic experience? Let’s look at some common and not so common psychic experiences that people tend to have and discuss what psychic ability is being used.


• Has the phone ever rung and you knew who it was before you looked at the caller ID or answered it?

• Have you ever worn the same color shirt as a friend that you were meeting later in the evening?

• Have you ever said the same thing at the same time as another person?

• Do you just know what your baby or pet needs, despite the fact they can’t talk?

• Have you ever thought of a friend and they called you while or shortly after you were thinking of them? Likewise, have you ever called a friend only to hear “I was just thinking about you!”

• Have you ever wanted something to drink and were thinking about it and shortly after a spouse or friend brought you something to quench your thirst or asked if they could get you anything to drink?


You are acting as either a generative or receptive telepath in these situations. A generative telepath can send ideas and thoughts to another person. A receptive telepath can pick up on the ideas and thoughts of other people. Two very skilled telepaths can hold entire conversations with just their thoughts while never speaking to each other. Many women find themselves doing this when with their best friend, but both men and women are capable of using this ability.



• Do you know what mood a person is going to be in before you encounter them?

• Do you get sad when you are around another person that is sad? Do you get really happy or excited

when around another person that is having the same emotion?

• Has anyone ever told you that they just feel instantly calm, at ease, or even safe when around you?

• Do you hate crowds, graveyards, or hospitals because of the feeling or feelings you get when around them?


Your empathic ability is at work in these cases either in a generative or receptive way. When you are a receptive empath you tend to pick up the feelings and emotions of others. These are the people who many times have trouble being in large crowds because they end up being bombarded by the emotional energy of so many people at one time. These people make phenomenal counselors as they usually tune right into what another is feeling and are capable of truly understanding them.


A generative empath is able to take a mood they are having and make others feel it. Very useful when a person is going through a crisis situation or is very angry. Someone who is a generative empath, if capable of remaining calm themselves, is able to generate that calm feeling outward and have others feel it.




• Have you ever had a dream that came true?

• Have you ever seen a vision that turned out to be real?

• Do you see dead people?

• Do you see auras?

• Can you think of a location and then picture what is actually happening or going on there, or what has happened there?


These are mostly all forms of clairvoyance at work either in a precognitive or a remote viewing fashion.

Precognition means before the fact. It’s the idea of seeing, hearing, feeling or knowing something before it happens. If you’ve ever been with a person watching a movie and a few minutes into the movie they outlined the whole plot for you, despite the fact they had never seen it, you are sitting with a person that is having a precognitive experience. While frustrating at the time, just think of their “psychic” potential!


Remote Viewing, sometimes called long distant viewing, is the ability to see another location and watch what is happening or going on there.


When I was first working to refine my psychic abilities I use to sit with women I was dating and play a game with them. The object of the game was for me to describe their bedroom to them. When you start getting really good at this, you tend to get an “Ok, you’re freaking me out now!” response.


Clairvoyance means clear seeing. It’s the psychic ability that deals with sight. Anything which involves you seeing real or mental images can be called clairvoyance.


• Have you ever touched an object or entered a room only to get flashes or images that somehow seemed associated with it in the past, but there was nothing happening in that present moment?

• Have you ever picked up a DVD or book and your mood changed to match the mood of what that DVD or book was about?

• Have you ever shook the hand of another individual and got a strange feeling about them or had a thought which didn’t make sense to you at the time, but found out later was connected to that individual?


These are all forms of psychometry which also usually makes use of empathy and clairvoyance. Psychometry is “psychic touch.” It happens when we feel a vibration that is different from our own, especially as related to physical objects. Because it deals so much with other vibrations it is sometimes called vibaturgy.

Many police or forensic psychics work with psychometry. But anytime a psychic must hold your hand or an object that belongs to you or another person you are inquiring about, they are doing a form of psychometry.



• Have you ever heard someone call your name, physically heard it, but when you turned around or answered nobody was around?

• Have you ever had a discussion with a person that has crossed over and either heard their voice or the answers in your own head? Have you ever heard their voice with your physical ear?

• Have you ever started to do something but were scolded or told to stop by another voice other than your own when nobody else was around?

• Have you ever laid in bed at night or been in a very quiet location and it sounded like many people were chattering or talking?


These are all clairaudient experiences. True clairaudience is when you hear these things with your physical ear as though they are an outside voice actually talking to you. Telepathic clairaudience is when you hear the voices inside your own head.

I am a primary clairaudient psychic. Besides channeling (Note: channeling is a phenomena of mental mediumship, although the psychic senses are also used to some extent.) It is the psychic sense I make the most use of. This is how I get the vast majority of my information both during and outside of a session. Because of this, most of my students eventually develop this ability (mediumship) and most, unfortunately, think they are going crazy the first time they are lying in bed and realize that “the voices” are chattering with them. Eventually you learn to tell those voices “one at a time!” or “Tune it up or tune it out!”



• Have you ever gotten a headache and discovered that someone else in the room had one prior to you getting it? Did the headache go away after you found out?


Anytime you feel pains in your own physical body that actually belong to someone else, living or crossed over, this is termed clairsentience and works off of the empathic ability. The word means clear feeling. Many psychometry and empathic experiences are often grouped under the clairsentience category as opposed to separate categories.



• Ever smelt a particular odor (like perfume, cigars, etc) while at a friends house, but discovered that you were the only person smelling it? Did you ever ask if anyone in their family use to wear that perfume or smoke that cigar?


You might be picking up on a spiritual energy or guide through your psychic smelling ability. Clairalience means clear scent and is the psychic ability that correspondence to our sense of smell.



• Did you ever get a gut level feeling that you should take a different path home or avoid a certain location only to find out later that an accident or something negative took place there?

• Have you ever pulled into a store parking lot and just somehow knew where to find that parking spot right in front?

• Have you ever been surprised to discover that you know how to write, paint, speak, or perform any number of different things right when you needed to be able to do it, but when asked to do it again later you discovered you weren’t capable of reproducing those efforts?

Clairognizance means clear knowing. It’s a psychic ability that has to do with just getting sudden insights and understandings into things. It can also allow some very gifted people with this ability to actually be able to perform actions or tasks which they really have no knowledge of. A great example is a friend of mine. She’s phenomenal with computers and can get them to do almost anything she wants or needs them to do. When you ask her how she did it though, her response is always “I don’t know!”


All of these are psychic abilities and chances are, if you’re the average human being, there is at least one or two in the above that you’ve found yourself doing. These are just a small number of them too! There are many other examples that one could use besides these that could also fall under psychic classification.


Some people would laugh and say, “That’s merely coincidence!” What is coincidence though? According to Wikipedia, a coincidence is the noteworthy alignment of two or more events or circumstances without obvious causal connection. In other words, it is merely a term that a human being thought up in order to be able to explain that which nothing else is capable of explaining.


My psychic development students are not allowed to say or use the word coincidence. I make them strike it from their vocabulary. There is no such thing as coincidences. Everything has an energetical reason in some form or another for happening. For any coincidence that has occurred, an energy somewhere had to be at work helping to draw those experiences together.


Children are among the most psychic individuals you will ever come across. When we are born into this world we are many times fully open and our only way to interact with the new world we have come into is through the psychic senses. Even young children are no strangers to the psychic energies that are active within the world.

• A child who has an imaginary friend, might just really be communicating with a spirit guide.

• A kid that begs you not to go somewhere may be feeling or knowing something which you aren’t aware of in that moment.

• That child that says grandma visited them may actually be telling the truth.

There are countless other examples, but these are the main ones that kids get in trouble for. Parents and society has a way of shutting these abilities off. Many times a child must learn to shut down in order to avoid punishment and harsh words and criticism. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing either as it allows the child to learn to live in and function in the physical world.

It takes a special parent or caretaker to guide children, helping them to stay open while at the same time teaching them how to live in our physical world. Most of the time, believe it or not, it’s better to teach children to shut down and then, later in life, help them to relearn that which they had known all along.

That’s what psychic development classes are mostly about. Relearning that which has always been there, but which was shut down for one reason or another. The difference is we learn to selectively use our abilities and then turn them off when we are finished.




Psychics 101: Introduction

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Written by Rev. Joe

What many people do not realize is that everyone has psychic abilities to some extent. But what does this really mean? The French astronomer and spiritualist Camille Flammarion is the person to first “coin” the word psychic. The word is derived from the Greek word psychikos meaning "of the mind" or "mental." The word psyche is often used to refer to the human mind. In ancient history people we now refer to as psychics were called, seers, oracles or prophets. References to seers, oracles and prophecy are also mentioned in many ancient texts. Flammarion studied spiritualism (also called spiritism in Europe), psychic research and other paranormal subjects in a relatively scientific way. Flammarion said, “It is by the scientific method alone that we may make progress in the search for truth. Religious belief must not take the place of impartial analysis. We must be constantly on our guard against illusions." We might think of him as one of the first paranormal investigators. As you can see people called psychics, seers, etc.., have been around as far back as we have written history. It is very important to note that not all psychics are mediums, but all mediums are psychic! Mediumship, mediums and Spiritualism will be discussed in future articles.

A professional and ethical psychic is not a fortune teller and should not need any props, such as crystal balls, cards of any type, runes, crystals, spirit boards, etc.., to give a reading or use their abilities. In addition fortune telling is illegal in many states, including New York. A tarot or other card reader, (a.k.a. known as cartomancy) may have psychic abilities but, reading the cards is an interpretation of the symbolic nature of the spreads. Card readings, readings of crystals, runes or anything else are not psychic abilities; those things are considered divination and are ritualistic. The psychic abilities/phenomena include: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairalience (or clairescence), claircognizance, clairgustance, clairsentience, precognition, retrocognition, apportation, automatic writing, telepathy, psychometry (a.k.a., psychoscopy), psychokinesis or telekinesis, remote viewing and prophecy. Unless a psychic is a licensed medical or mental health professional, they should not be giving anyone a medical or mental health diagnosis. That is practicing medicine without a license.

Psychic abilities are only part of the world of ESP, Extrasensory Perception; the ability of an individual to identify or interpret information beyond using our normal senses. Prior to the beginning of Modern Spiritualism in 1848, individuals such as Emanuel Swedenborg, Franz Anton Mesmer, (the father of hypnosis/mesmerism), the Shakers and Andrew Jackson Davis, (known as the Poughkeepsie Seer), were influential early historical figures in the area of ESP and psychic phenomena.

Today there are many people who call themselves psychics. However, few are formally trained in the area of psychic development and spirituality. This is not to say that formal training is absolutely necessary for all psychics. There are many psychics who are good at what they do; and are well respected by many. Then there are those who are in it only for the money. And use magician’s tricks to give you information. Unfortunately too many people believe what they see on television or read in the tabloids. Psychics are not 100% accurate. A psychic can only give you what they are picking up from your auric field, your subconscious or universal consciousness. Additionally every person has a frequency and vibration of their own which fluxuates. Don’t expect that if you see two different psychics that you will get the same reading! A psychic will pick up and give you the interpretation of what their getting at that time. I’ll provide more on getting a reading from a psychic in a future article.


More to come, Namaste!


UFO Blog Series: Part 18

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Written by Tom Conwell, UFOlogist

Einstein, time travel and other sciency stuff


Einstein suggested that time travel to the future is absolutely possible. One of the ways suggested is to travel at 99.95% of the speed of light after overcoming some huge technical problems of course. Go five years, turn around and go five years back home. Over 500 years will have gone by on the Earth but the astronaut will only be 10 years older - travel at almost the speed of light slows down time for the occupant. Time will march forward not backward and it doesn't look as if time travel to the past is possible. Einstein didn't think so back then either.


Einstein changed the concept of time for everyone. Newton thought that a second was the same everywhere, on the Earth, Mars or on a distant star. He thought that the Arrow Of Time (remember that blog) was like a river that flowed the same everywhere. Einstein thought time was dependent on gravity and velocity but Kurt Goedel a talented mathematician from Einstein's time said that Einstein's equations suggested that this river of time that would change slightly around huge masses also contained whirlpools that would allow for travel to the past. Following a whirlpool would take you back in time at the same starting point. Einstein was not too happy with this conclusion and later concluded on his own that since the Big Bang was not rotating, the Universe only expanded that time travel was not possible to the past. In 1963 another mathematician concluded that a rotating disk (a black hole) could harbor an Alice In Wonderland looking glass type thingy that would allow travel to another dimension. This type of wormhole might connect two Universes or two regions in space but also two regions in time. Of course no one has done any of this stuff but it's kind of fun to consider.


Can a UFO do any of this stuff? Who the heck knows the answer to that? Are UFO's from our future, based onwhat I have read to date - NO. So far it is not possible to do any of that. If our government could travel back and mess with the past, don't you think they would have tried already? As if things aren't screwed up enough already! This is just too crazy to consider but when talking about extraterrestrial civilizations, everything needs to be on the table. Time travel remains one of the things that is talked about, written about and debated even today. I can't see how it is possible. Can you ever imagine going back in time and messing with the relationship between your grandparents? That's why I don't think it is possible besides I don't want to know.


UFO Blog Series: Part 17

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Written by Tom Conwell, UFOlogist

 Einstein Rosen Bridge, worm holes and other sciency stuff


Take a very large star say 10-20 times larger than our sun, take it to the end of its life where it would/could burn itself into a huge mess. It would combine every atom into larger and larger atoms where it would become heavier and heavier, create an area of massive gravity and shrink smaller and smaller. It would/could reach a point where this massive gravity would cause a more massive explosion, a supernova. It would leave a pretty massive mostly burned out chunk. There will be nothing to prevent it from collapsing even more (an expanding star would normally burn and expand) and it could become a tiny spot with a very massive center maybe almost infinite density. Some light would still try to come from this incredible mass but likely what is left of this star would be rotating at a faster and faster speed. it would become so fast and so massive that the light would wrap around itself and eventually never be able to leave. It would become a black hole. Everything that would be caught by this massive gravity would eventually be sucked in and become part of the black hole. Anything that would enter this black hole from its side would be stretched apart and never escape. From the top, I'm not sure what could happen. Where does the stuff go to that gets sucked in to the black hole? Some say that it is ejected from a white hole who knows where. Maybe a different dimension?


Karl Schwarzschild took Einstein's equations and applied them to how he thought things worked. He assumed a black star, a white star and two Universes to complete this thought. (The term black hole did not come until 1968 by John Archibald Wheeler.) The openings or horizons were connected by some opening and it was Austrian Ludwig Flamm who realized that this was a description of a wormhole. No one knew of any black holes in Einstein's time so this was a theory. The only problem with this theory is that a white hole is a negative black hole (a black hole that runs backwards in time) and cannot exist in our Universe but might exist in another Universe. How do we open up one of these wormholes? It would likely require a tremendous amount of energy, more than has been generated to date by our civilization. Maybe enough energy to suggest use of dark matter or dark energy. This whole thing is just crazy. How can anyone write about this stuff?


For another civilization to travel huge distances, it requires a shortcut and the only one that we are knowledgeable of right now is a wormhole. I said knowledgeable of - not competent in. We still don't know how to do any of this stuff but maybe someone, somewhere does. What will we know in another thousand years? Loads more than now that is certain and we may have some solutions for this wormhole thing.




UFO Blog Series: Part 16: The Drake Equation

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Written by UFOlogist Tom Conwell

The Drake Equation


I can hear it now. Why does he always hit us with Math stuff? Can't he just let up for a moment? Hasn't he figured out yet that I can get through life just fine without Algebra or even simple Math? When is the last time that I put any numbers into an equation to meet any daily challenge? Probably never. Just shut up, Tom, and let me be. Not happening here folks because this relates to everything that I have been doing.


You just can't think that extraterrestrial civilizations exist without understanding the likelihood that they do or don't. This is a percentage game. If the chance that extraterrestrials exist was one in a trillion, then we would not be having this blog or even Science Fiction for that matter. Water is very common around newly formed stars and it also happens to be a key ingredient in the formation of our type of life form. It would be likely that water would try to find its way onto every planet formed and in enough quantities and at the right temperature, it would facilitate the building blocks of life.


How common is this? Now we have a reason for Math. Frank Drake, a former director of SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) came up with a likelihood of finding life with this equation which is

N = R* fp ne fl fi fc L

N= number of civilizations in our galaxy (our total)

R* = number of star formations in our galaxy

fp = fraction of those stars that have planets

ne = fraction of those planets that can support life

fl = fraction of those that go on to develop life

fi = fraction of those that go on to develop intelligent life

fc = fraction that develop enough technology to become detectable

L = length of time that these civilizations release detectable signals and are findable.


If you came up with numbers for the likelihood of intelligent civilizations to exist and answer all of the questions above, you would receive a very small number. Since there are so many stars in the Milky Way, the end result will be some number near let's put this conservatively at 1000. 1000 civilizations existing in the Milky Way today. Is that possible? Yes but it's also possible that it would require divine intervention as is believed by many for humanity to start. Whatever you believe, there are plenty of planets to build life, support life or establish life in our galaxy alone. The entire universe with over a billion galaxies has way more potential. The building blocks are there and who knows if our creator intends for us to go through the cosmos spreading the seeds of life or He/She intends to do so. Science does not keep one from believing in God, it only allows us to understand the building blocks that are right there in front of us.