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Spirit Circles and Expectations

Posted by Gary Robusto on June 3, 2013 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

 As people, we all in life have expectations of things. Some for ourselves and the things that we want to accomplish and live up to, and some of others; friends or family to make the right choices in life or get things done on time. Expectations are a part of our everyday life. As humans, we all have different personal beliefs which make us who we are as individuals. Those beliefs give us a certain set of expectations for the lives that we live.  They are what makes each one of us very special.  Unfortunately, with these expectations that we have for ourselves, we know that at times they won't or can't be fulfilled for many different reasons.  When this happens we end up showing dissapointment or resentment on a personal level because in our minds we think it should be one way, the way that we as individuals know, so things should happen like that. In life though, it doesn't work that way as we all know, but it doesn't mean that we can't learn from this and it doesn't mean that things are wrong just because our expectation wasn't met.

 We as paranormal investigators see this for ourselves time and time again. We have expectations as indivduals and as a team that we would like to be met. I can tell you though, those don't get met for us as individuals, but do get met as a team. What we need to remember is that an expectation is a very personal thing for each of us. It encompuses our beliefs and who we are as a person. Just because they may not be met, doesn't mean it won't be met at some time in our life. Sometimes it just takes time, the right mindset, and acceptance.

 When it comes to "spirit circles", or "message circles", people have expectations that they will talk to people of their past, family, friends or even a stranger may come through to speak. These type of events have been going on for hundreds of years. We are fasinated with the afterlife since we know nothing about it, but we all know that someday we will become a part of it, as is the circle of life.  A spirit circle consists of a medium that controls the circle and gives messages to the guests. For the most part, those guests want so bad to get some sort of message or validation and have some sort of expectation, but only they know what they want since it's so personal. Some people get the message they want, others are just left there with nothing but a person talking out loud about the unseen world around us.

What we need to remember though is that we can't force things to happen. We can't force someone from the other side to come through and speak to us; manifest right in front of us. Unfortunatly, it just doesn't work that way. If it did then as ghost researchers our jobs would be so easy and we would have all the answers, and the scientific community would then agree that ghosts are real. We still don't fully understand why only certain things, people or animals come through to communicate, but when they do that's when the message is ready to be delivered. One thing that I have seen is when different people come through to give messages, they may be someone that you don't even know. The message makes no sense to the person and thats when the expectation kicks in that this medium may not be that good at what they claim to do, but then months or years later, bam, it happens.  At the time, it made no sense, but now it does as it is happening.  

We always want to know that our loved ones are ok and in good hands on the other side, so these spirit circles are very personal on a level that only the individual knows. What we need to take away from these experiences is not that your expectation may not have been met, but that you were a part of something that brings people together to memorialize the people of the past.  To know that in our hearts we hold a piece of someone that we love or care about very much.  We go to these things to show our love for those people.  Just because we didn't recieve a message or see a ghost may not have met in your mind what you wanted, but as a whole when you stop to think about it, you met something inside you after all.  You had the courage and a reason to attend an event that is very spiritual in nature and memorialize someone in your life that you hold very close to you. That in itself is a expectation that has been met straight from your heart. =)


Gary Robusto, Founder of the Tri-City NY Paranormal Society

UFO Blog Series: Part 15

Posted by Gary Robusto on May 15, 2013 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Written by Tom Conwell, team UFOlogist

TOPIC: Dark Matter & Dark Energy


I may lose a few people along the way with this one but I just can't make a blanket statement without a little explanation. Believe me, this is a lot more complicated than I made it out to be. Stick with this one and you'll learn something big. Maybe as big as it gets.


DARK ENERGY??? How in the world did this idea originate? This is not simple to explain, it is long and complex but this is my best shot. First a little background, Einstein in one of his many predictions from derived formulae theorized that the gravity from large objects was sufficient enough to bend light. Light would need to be a particle (namely a photon) and have mass in order for this to occur. Since it has NO mass, it does have gravity - just as much gravity as something else with the same energy. So how does this work? Mass/gravity is moved around by other gravity like how an asteroid's path can be bent when acted on by another mass/gravity like a moon or a planet. Let me give you an example, do you remember when Apollo 13 had that catastrophic accident and lost all power when on its way to the Moon? There was no rocket power available to maneuver. The capsule was headed toward deep space and was hurtling in the direction of the Moon at about 25,000 MPH. There were small jets of air available to maneuver the capsule some in space so the plan became to put the ship into an exact slot where it would sling around the Moon and back toward Earth. The Lunar Module did not suffer a power loss but was available to perform some maneuvers although this was never done before. The space capsule acted just like a marble in a roulette wheel as it was falling from the upper edge of the wheel and moving toward the slot on the bottom of the wheel. How hard would it be to alter the speed of the roulette wheel to get the marble to circle the wheel halfway to the bottom of the wheel - about that hard and it had to be perfect. The capsule shot had to be perfect or the ship was not going to head back to the Earth and would be bound for deep space, to the surface of the Moon or eventually to the surface of the Earth at 25,000 MPH. It was also necessary to use the Lunar Module after swinging around the Moon to get us back quicker. CO2 was building up and time had to be cut from the trip. The second burn was also perfect, thanks to Physics, and the rest is history. This was a clear example of mass being deflected by another mass. Back to Einstein, he said that light would bend in the presence of gravity. This was proven in 1919 by an astronomer when a star that should have been behind the sun during a full solar eclipse became visible. This was also proven again in I think 1951 when another astronomer verified the same thing during a full solar eclipse - light was bent by gravity. They had both seen a star that was not reasonably visible at the time. This star was behind the Sun.


So what? I told you this wasn't simple!!! Isn't this a UFO blog? Yes it is, but understanding our Universe is step #1 in understanding how an advanced civilization may find energy. Done asking questions? OK, next step is mapping what our universe is doing and why. It has been a problem since astronomers first started trying, how do we measure how far stars are from us and how are galaxies moving with respect to us. Stars are measured by parallax which is; look at a star and calculate the angle to it, do it 6 months later when we have moved by 186 million miles (93 million miles to the sun and 6 months later we are 93 million miles on the other side of the sun), geometry will yield the result. This works for stars within 400 light years (remember a light year, pretty far, huh?) Stars past that may be studied for color and intensity and their size and distance from us can be calculated. How the color has changed will also reveal whether that star is moving toward or away from us. (Blue shift in color is coming toward us and red shift is heading away. How much this shift has occurred will reveal how fast it is moving.) This is done using the doppler effect, I think we are all familiar with doppler radar guns - I just got a ticket so I am intimately familiar with the results. We know the speed of the other galaxies and not only are the great majority moving away from us - THEY ARE ACCELERATING. Really. Why does this matter? After the original creation event, call it the Big Bang, things should have been moving away from each other at a fixed rate of speed. Picture this, fire a rocket in space until it runs out of fuel. It will accelerate until the rocket dies then continue at that speed for forever. It should not accelerate. Looking at the big picture, gravity should be affecting the action of other galaxies and they should actually be attracting - The Big Crunch at the end of time.


Still no UFO stuff? Stick with me, I'm getting there. Now we can measure how far stars/galaxies are, how they are moving, what color the stars/galaxies should be, how big they are, their total mass and what kind of gravity they will produce. Not too long ago the US launched a satellite called the WMAP and its job was to measure "to a high degree of accuracy and precision, not only the age of the universe, but also the density of atoms; the density of all other non-atomic matter; the epoch when the first stars started to shine; the 'lumpiness' of the universe, and how that 'lumpiness' depends on scale & size."

What did WMAP find? It found that the visible universe was only a tiny part of the story. Galaxies were FAR, FAR, FAR more massive than their calculated amount of mass should have been and this is coming from a satellite that was thousands of times more accurate that what was formerly possible. One last comment on galaxies, since they are so much more massive than thought, what do they do to light going by their massive gravity fields. They cause it to bend and distort just like happened around our sun but to a very serious degree. They caused galaxies behind them to distort and look oval and make spiral galaxies look like arcs of light to us viewing them. This effect is called gravitational lensing and it is a measure of how much mass is found within the closer galaxy. Looking at this nearby galaxy through x-ray, it will tell you through mapping of x-ray radiation where the dark matter is located within that galaxy. We can then calculate how massive the galaxy happens to be.


Dark Energy accounts for 73% of the energy (converted to mass by E = M C^2) of the entire universe, Dark Matter accounts for 22% and the rest is what we see. That is incredible. There is so much energy not accounted for in all of the Universe models. There is a tremendous amount of energy available for the taking. If only we could find out how to tap into it.


Where is this dark mass? Why is it accelerating? It must be because of this incredible hidden mass. Mass that we clearly cannot see. Dark matter is after all necessary to hold galaxies together and to amplify gravity enough to accomplish that. It seems that dark matter is also responsible for the acceleration of galaxies away from each other similar to the repulsive forces of magnetism. Dark matter also accounts for 22% of the entire universe. Since dark matter cannot be seen or measured, how do we know that UFO's haven't found a way to use this matter and convert it to the energy necessary to run a space ship. Since dark matter's or dark energy's effects can be calculated, perhaps it exists in a different dimension or at least one out of our grasp. Maybe UFO's/extraterrestrials have figured out how to tap into that energy source, travel along a different dimension and pop out here. Maybe governments have been studying this for some time and are trying very hard to keep their studies quiet. I don't think that an extraterrestrial civilization has found some element (like Uranium) that provides unlimited energy, the obvious choice is a combination dark matter and dark energy cocktail that will be limitless. It's the only direction that's left to go ... that we know about.

UFO Blog Series: Part 14

Posted by Gary Robusto on April 30, 2013 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Written by Tom Conwell, team UFOlogist


TOPIC: The Arrow Of Time


I can't wait for my favorite show or even vacation to start! How many times has any of us said that? Collectively probably billions maybe even trillions of times. How many of us have said, I wish that I didn't say that - I'm going back and change it. Probably no one and I'm not going too far out on a limb by saying that. Why not? One simple word - time. It moves forward toward the next second, minute, hour, day or year. It just doesn't move backward. Ever. We may be able to tweak time a little, change time to reflect changes between persons in different places. For example, sending someone to space will slow time for the astronaut but time on Earth keeps ticking like it always did. The astronaut will return to Earth SLIGHTLY younger than if he/she stayed on the Earth. We cheated time a little bit there but time keeps moving forward.


Before this next explanation here is a definition.

Entropy: Nature always tends to move from order toward disorder called higher entropy. If you come across an ancient city, it will be turning to dust or back to Nature, it will be becoming more chaotic. How many of us have dropped a plate and of course it shattered. We probably said some bad words, cleaned it up then moved on. How many of us have seen a million pieces of broken ceramic on the floor, spontaneously come together and form a perfect plate? Let me guess, no one - ever. Why? Because of the laws of entropy that's why. Nature will always move toward a state of higher entropy or another way to look at it - more chaos. Let's look really close now. If you drop the plate from a distance above the ground the plate has potential energy (above ground) changing to kinetic energy (motion as it falls.) Just before it hits the ground it has warmed slightly (thermal energy) because of friction in the air. When it hits the ground, it loses it's kinetic energy (energy of motion), the ground heats slightly (losing thermal energy) and it also gives up sound energy (the crashing sound that you hear.) Now how simple would it be to duplicate that in reverse? Impossible for sure. Why did I tell you that? It all relates to the Arrow of Time and the Laws of Physics.


What does this have to do with UFO's? It is very, very, very difficult to travel many light years to another solar system. Some would say impossible, I say just really hard. It has been theorized that any UFO's seen are from our future because space travel is just too hard. I'm of the belief that it is probably harder to travel backwards through time, not impossible just harder. Don't expect contact with ET to reveal the winning lottery numbers. It is not going to happen. Having said that, put your cash on 4,6,19,28,29,45 and 7 tomorrow! I heard from a friend that they were winners.


UFO Blog Series: Lucky 13

Posted by Gary Robusto on April 24, 2013 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)


Written by Tom Conwell, team UFOlogist

TOPIC: Anti-gravity


Gravity pulls us down toward the center of the Earth and gives us weight. (I'm not going to mention the force that is attempting to fling us off in a tangent from where we stand into outer space because that would just get weird and confusing.) Gravity and of course our velocity slings our world in an orbit around the sun along with the eight planets and possibly billions of asteroids. Gravity and velocity drags our solar system in an oscillating path around a center black hole in the Milky Way galaxy. Gravity reaches out to some other galaxies and alters their path through the Universe. Everywhere gravity grabs, holds, alters, adjusts and tweaks the actions of every other particle that has any mass. Gravity is an all pervasive force and we need to pay attention if we are to understand how a UFO might maneuver on our planet.


What the heck does anti-gravity really mean. Gravity pulls us down toward the Earth and gives us weight. We all have mass, whether we are in deep space or on the earth. Calculating our weight on Earth falls into a quick and easy formula which is F = M A OR Force = Mass X Acceleration. First a word about acceleration - Take a ball and drop it from the top of a building. The ball will increase its speed (accelerate) due to the action of gravity by 32 ft/sec each second. (In other words the downward force is Weight which equals Mass TIMES The acceleration due to gravity OR in other words your weight on Earth = your mass everywhere times 32 ft/sec-squared at sea level.) This is fixed and not up for negotiation. The Earth is pulling down on your mass by a fixed amount and there can be no way to deny that. So how can we undo that and make something that negates gravity. The simple answer is that we cannot undo that. We may be able to create a force that is equal and opposite to gravity that will make the acceleration due to gravity to be effectively zero. At this point the dropped ball from the top of the building would hover. Pretty cool, huh? Let's face it - PHYSICS RULES!!!!!


How can we generate an anti-gravity force without significant hardware, something with a significant amount of mass added to a craft and a few pilots and their supporting hardware. We seem to have created a huge problem already and we haven't created any significant anti-gravity forces to date. We have a huge chunk of mass and no way to cancel the acceleration due to gravity. So let's jump into the future and say we have some way to create an anti-gravity force. This hardware needs to run on some self contained power system and it will likely be significant. Initially we will be able to create a short term anti-gravity force but size and weight limits will run rampant on the overall effort. We need to create an unlimited power source and new technologies to bring to bear on the problem. This problem is solveable in the future but not yet probably because of the power issue - see BLOG #15. Change is coming to our wild and whacky world, something big is about to happen. Go Physics.




UFO Blog Series: Part 12

Posted by Gary Robusto on April 12, 2013 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Written by Team UFOlogist, Tom Conwell

TOPIC: Going On A Trip?


Things to do - Pack your clothes, service your car, stop as often as you need to refuel and stop for rest room breaks as often as necessary, stop at motels along the way, eat at many different restaurants, make a plan once you get to your destination, shop at stores then return home doing all the same things that you needed to do to get there. It's a big task to arrange everything but with a little planning the trip can be successful. What if you needed to take a trip to another solar system through deep space. Things would get complicated quickly. The problems would compound by a factor of a thousand. Breathing while traveling would be a major undertaking. You would need to bring all of your air with you, then there's food to eat for the duration of your trip, water and waste is a serious issue. Sending two persons on an interstellar trip for a ridiculously long duration is not a good option. It is almost mandatory that you send a mini-civilization with you on that trip because the problems are just too large to overcome in one small ship. You would need to manufacture everything needed because you couldn't store that much. A small manufacturing facility that handles food, water, air, propulsion, personal needs, inter-personal relationships and entertainment is an absolute must for an extended trip. It's just too difficult to do this any other way. It would also be necessary to bring manufacturing personnel with you, various repair persons, electronic specialists, large amount of spare parts or at least a way to manufacture everything, medical persons to handle emergencies, medications and anything else to maintain life. This can't be done on the cheap.


Your large ship would also need to carry smaller ships so that you can go on short trips while at your destination. People related problems become much smaller on short trips, water is easily transported and maybe you can even get some at your destination along with a breath of fresh air. On a two or three day trip, you can easily handle carrying enough food and waste handling is at least manageable. That kind of trip is do-able.


If you wanted to investigate another planet, you need to stay for a while. That takes enormous resources and will absolutely require a mother ship of enormous dimensions. It might be advantageous to create a base where short term excursions can be launched like below the water of the planet under investigation. It might even be worthwhile to put a large base on the close-by moon of the planet. On the moon there will be some possible trapped ice, gases and maybe minerals that can be utilized to sustain life. It's not simple to travel a huge distance and support a UFO/extraterrestrial life form away from their home planet ... or they have ongoing help from some country on Earth - just saying. If ET is here, there's not just one ship, there has to be at least 20 ships and maybe thousands of ET's. My estimate by the way is probably on the low side. Hey, what's up? Stop by and visit.



Life After Death and Belief in Spiritualism

Posted by Gary Robusto on April 9, 2013 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Written by Rev. Joe Giannini

Life after Death and belief in Spiritualism: It is in the Bible!



Note: The information for this article is taken from It is presented here because it provides the biblical references to a true understanding of the resurrection and beliefs of most Spiritualists. There are traditional Spiritualists and Christian Spiritualists. Both share common fundamental beliefs in the continuation of life after the physical death of the body. Unfortunately for hundreds of years many organized Christian and other denominations have not taught the truth. These truths have been hidden to many. In addition to adherents of Spiritualism, belief in eternality and immortality of the soul are also principals of Religious Science/Science of Mind, based on the teachings of Earnest Holmes and other the New Thought pioneers.




One problem for the Literalist to overcome is found in 1 Corinthians 15, where the mention of the resurrection of the dead appears; some believe that the physical body "sleeps" until a "final resurrection". But such a discourse needs to be considered intelligently, basing an interpretation upon the way that the people thought about an Afterlife in those times.


NB: Believers of a "final resurrection" at "the end" often have a belief that the resurrected Christ could only appear in a flesh body. However, this was simply a lowering of His vibrations to those vibrations of the material plane. Christ Jesus was in a spiritually-charged form when He appeared to Mary Magdalene and it would have been dangerous for her to touch Him, but He could also appear in "another form" such as to two disciples (Mark 16:12) at Will; and He could raise His vibrations beyond the spectrum of even clairvoyant sight (Luke 24:31) which would give the appearance of "vanishing"; He also preached to the spirits in person after death in His spirit (1 Peter 3:18-20 & 4:6). Where does one suppose that Jesus ascended to if He was merely in a physical body - perhaps to a physical star system or something similar on the earth plane? Of course not, He was in a spiritual form when He performed that action!


Concerning 1 Corinthians 15, one must remember that Paul, had had many spiritual experiences including spirit travel (2 Cor. 12:4), trance visions (Acts 22:17), clairvoyant (heavenly light) and clairaudient contact (Acts 9:1-9), among others. He was spiritually aware of so much more now than when he was a Jew bent on persecuting followers of Christ. Now Paul, with all of his understanding of a Spiritual World, had to address a people who still had a firm foundation in current notions of the Afterlife.


There were obviously some teachings going around among the Corinthians concerning the Afterlife and how Christ affected their notions of this - perhaps there was confusion as to how those who had died before Christ could be "resurrected" as they had not been alive when Christ walked the Earth. Paul included a chapter in his letter to explain his understanding of the Christian Afterlife.


The common notion of many Jews was that the "Unseen World" was underground. In the Hebrew, this place was called "Sheol" which became "Hades" when Greek became the common tongue. The souls of the dead went "below the earth" into either one of two conditions. One of these conditions was "Gehenna" into which the unrighteous and unjust went. The other condition was described by a variety of names such as "Paradise", "The Garden of Eden", "Beneath the throne of glory", and "Abraham's Bosom". Into this locality of Hades went the righteous and just at physical death. Here they would be until the "Day of Judgment".


There was a difference in belief between the Sadducees and the Pharisees with regard to an Afterlife. Josephus (a historian born in Jerusalem AD37/38 ) writes: "The Sadducees rob the rewards of the righteous and the just in Hades" because the Sadducees did not believe in an Afterlife. But the Rabbinical writings show that most Jews entertained a belief in a conscious existence after physical death, and that this conscious existence occurred in that part of Hades which was considered to be pleasant, and which was on an equal footing with the Greek idea of Elysium, and this will have included the final Judgment taught by the Pharisees.


This dual-locality concept was therefore a common trend of thought among the people of Biblical times. Jesus pointed out to the Sadducees that they erred in their beliefs (or lack of them) concerning the Afterlife, using the present tense to state that God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, which, to some, is a clear indication that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, were alive in the present, as opposed to being in some long, deep "sleep".


And into this concept of the Afterlife, was introduced the appearance of the Messiah of the Israelite Scriptures. What did they make of it? Paul had to address them in the terms that they understood. He begins by using terms such as resurrection, and as he unfolds his explanation, he leads them gradually onto the nature of physical bodies and spiritual bodies, and tries to bring their minds to an understanding of their co-existence. He explains that what is sown here in this world is reaped in the next, but he tries to tell them the sowing is happening as they breathe.


The Literalist has generally thought that Paul was talking about a Final Resurrection in 1 Corinthians 15 when he mentions the "first fruits" being Christ. But Paul, in his own inimical way, is explaining that because they preach Christ is "risen" from the dead (and demonstrated the continuity of life) then those who had "fallen asleep" were already "raised", and reinforced this fact by saying that if the "dead" do not rise then what they preach - the risen Christ - is not a fact either: "if the dead rise not, then Christ is not raised". Paul is saying that Christ is "risen", so it would be foolish and absurd to think Christ will rise again from the dead, therefore everybody who was already dead was not "asleep" but in fact "risen" too.


The mention of "first fruits" is used in the same manner as "first born" and was to take the minds of the Corinthians away from thinking about a resurrection at the end of time and back to Christ Who was there from beginning (John 1), the "Son" (Mark 1:1). Paul reasons with their minds, he starts in terms they understand in order to reveal knowledge of spiritual bodies and transitions, he brings to these Corinthians the unfolding of a "mystery" that "We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye (1 Cor. 15:51,52)" and that "the last trumpet call" is in fact the spiritual transition for the individual when his earthly life is finally ended, not at the end of the world.


In Paul's explanation he states: "There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body" (1 Cor.15:44). This statement does not imply that there "will be a spiritual body", but categorically states that it already exists: "...and there is a spiritual body". If a future spiritual body was meant by Paul instead of one which co-exists with the physical body in the here-and-now, Paul would certainly have put that into writing as he did with the difference between the present and the future in the well-known statement: "For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face (1 Cor. 13:12)". Clearly, while explaining about the co-existence of the physical and spiritual bodies, Paul wanted to convey that the spiritual body was here right now with the physical body because he remained in the present tense ("Esti - is": present indicative), or he would surely have used the future tense to avoid any doubt.


This is perhaps difficult for fundamental religionists who think only in material terms to understand because of something else Paul said about the spiritual body being raised, but this only means that the already existing spiritual body is fully released at the transition. There is a physical body which co-exists with a spiritual body and the physical body must first die in order for the full release of the spiritual body (it is "quickened"): "Thou fool, that which thou sowest is not quickened, except it die (1 Cor.15:36)". "It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body (1 Cor.15:44)."


Here and now, the spiritual body is affected every moment of every day; it changes according to thoughts, desires, motives and deeds - it is "sown" via the vehicle of the "natural" body. The spiritual body which co-exists with the physical body, either becomes healthier or less healthy in the spiritual sense on a momentary basis, and will find itself, after physical death (when it is "quickened") in the environment which supports its state of spiritual health. Even in this day and age with many unseen activities taken for granted such as television, radio and the wireless Internet, it is difficult to talk to many people about the co-existence of a physical body with a spiritual body. Spare more than a thought for Paul having to explain this situation to a heavily indoctrinated and uneducated people 2,000 years ago, and in thinking we must give him full deference for his wonderful achievements!


Many naming themselves Christians have thought that the Bible tells about the end of the "world" and they also have a certain concept of the "second coming" in Matthew - but in literal fact this refers to the end of the Mosaic era. The Literalist then associates this with that which Paul is trying to explain to the early Corinthians concerning the Afterlife, and because of his use of words such as "subdue" and "enemies", the Literalistic Fundamentalist assumes this to refer to everybody who is on the Earth at "the end" who does not accept their concept of salvation based upon acceptance of a mental concept (i.e. a human blood sacrifice to atone God for the consequences of their sins).


But this is all so misleading. Paul is referring to the things which are most destructive to the heart, mind and soul of mankind, such as self-centered materialistic ambition, the lust for earthly power and the desire to control others, naming "death" as one such "enemy" which is considered a major problem for mankind: "...deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage" (Heb. 2:15).


The God Who is Love does not interfere with the freewill and it is unfortunate that people naming themselves Christians believe and preach about a Being desiring to use His own children as a footstool after having "subdued" their will - the same will (they say) which "failed" to accept an offering of blood sacrifice (which, it should be noted, God declared He did not want) for their instant spiritual perfection enabling them to be instantly translated into the most powerful realms of Divine Purity where only the highest of angels reside. This is a strange, strange spiritual morality indeed, and is based on an ignorance which belongs to a bygone era of heavily indoctrinated people steeped in superstition.


The "end" to which Paul was referring was the Grand Consummation of which he writes about in Ephesians 1:10: "That in the dispensation of the fullness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in him". Paul here is talking of both life after death for the individual and also that time when the great "eon of eons" shall be completed and Christ "shall see the travail of his soul and he shall be satisfied (Isaiah 53:11)".


Jesus gave a spiritual teaching to confirm the existence of two co-existent bodies when He spoke of there being two bodies in the same place, at the same time, and doing the same thing (Luke 17:34-36). Jesus was not referring to two different individuals (at the end of time) as has been assumed both by the Traditionalists over the centuries, and also by those who are "saved" by being "born again" when they enter their so-named "rapture" with their concept of the return of Jesus. In this spiritual teaching, the Master Jesus was referring to the physical body and the spiritual body, which co-exist with each other. One will be taken (the spiritual body), and one shall be left behind, being fit now only to feed carrion birds (the physical body) (Luke 17:37). Woe betide he who calls himself spiritual but who has lived a life of selfishness or riotous excess and neglected spiritual life, for although he may try to guess, he does not know when his time comes, and it has been left too late - the spiritual body is already made!


The truth concerning the natural and spiritual act of being born into another sphere of existence (the transition) has eluded those who think in material terms; they are thinking in physical terms and that is the mistake. The transition is a spiritual act: A soul-body containing the soul, must be disconnected from the physical body by the severing of the spiritual chord (often a "shimmering" silvery color) - so symbolical of the umbilical chord of physical birth - and enter into the heavenly realms to really be born again - born into a Spiritual World..."If ever the silver chord be loosed...then the dust shall return to the earth as it was, and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it" (Ecclesiastes 12:6,7).

Thus, the soul enters into the condition to which it is fitted. If the soul is black through having lived a totally evil life, it will pass into black conditions having no color, just horror and chaos. If the soul is healthy, it will pass into a healthy environment - "He who is holy, let him be holy still; he who is just, let him be just still; he who is unjust, let him be unjust still; and he that is filthy, let him be filthy still" (Rev. 22:11).


UFO Blog Series: Part 11

Posted by Gary Robusto on March 29, 2013 at 8:20 AM Comments comments (0)



Written by Tom Conwell, Team UFOlogist

TOPIC: Mathematics.


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh - not Math, anything but Math!!!!!

Why should you care about Math and why is this even slightly relevant.I can believe in UFO's, extraterrestrial life and maybe even space travel without needing to plug anything in to an equation. Why Math? I don't care a bit what you might think about me, without understanding the natural relationships of things around you or the basics that Mother Nature has for you, you have NO idea how inter-related things actually are. The naturally occurring elements of say a seed or pinecone are repetitive numbers in a Fractal design or when broken down - tiny copies of themselves like say how a twig is related/similar to a branch and the branch to a tree. An example of a Fractal design in Nature is clouds, computer graphics, craters, animal coloring patterns, earthquakes or snowflakes. Then there is a honeycomb, the kind created by a bee hive. This is an example of a repeating tile over a flat surface called a Tesselation (much like an accomplished bricklayer may execute). The hexagonal shape of the honey combs are perfect in their design, fit and effective use of and for the bee. It is a perfect creation done with a minimum of effort. Charles Darwin described the honeycomb as a masterpiece of engineering that is "absolutely perfect in economizing labor and wax." I don't think that an extra-terrestrial landed and instructed the bee how to save its energy. This is Math in Nature at its best. Then there is the Fibonacci numbers. The Nautilus, you know that interesting looking shell that has ever growing chambers, is a perfect example of Fibonacci numbers and The Golden Ratio in Nature. This ratio also finds its way into the sprouting of new leaves on a growing plant. They always seem to find their way into the most efficient space in which to collect sunlight. There is much to learn about mathematics in Nature.


Math is everywhere in Nature, it would also need to be recurring in extraterrestrial life, UFO design, UFO propulsion systems, creation and maximum sizes of stars (about 100 times larger than the Sun before gravity starts wreaking havoc) and planets (about 15 times the size of Jupiter and then they'll likely be called brown dwarf stars) or a rocky planet (I don't think there is a limit to the size but life would surely be different than our's if the planet were 1,000 times larger), even to the equation that predicts how many civilizations exist in the entirety of the Universe - the Drake Equation. You would be leaving far too much on the table if you thought that you could fully understand the UFO phenomenon without trying to understand the relationship to Mathematics and design. No, I'm not trying to turn you into a Physicist with Calculus surging through your brain. I would; however, like to see you read about Math in Nature and the relationships that things have with each other. These same relationships exist throughout the Universe in newly formed planets, plant and animal life on these planets and maybe even higher forms of intelligent life. It is all related.


Understanding our Planet is step #1 in appreciating the entirety of the Universe. Now go open some books or take the easy route and check on the Internet just stay away from Forums. Some of the junk that people post in Forums is beyond stupid but then again some is really good. Without a background to rely on, fleshing out the stupid becomes very challenging. Go forth and read. Appreciation is not far behind.



UFO Blog Series: Part 10

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Written by Tom Conwell, Team UFOlogist

TOPIC: Civilization Types


Michio Kaku may be the best writer of all time. OK, maybe Shakespeare or others have a foot in the door but I'd love to see Shakespeare write a play about advanced civilizations, Quantum Mechanics or Hyperspace that everyone could understand. Take that William! In truth this may be the most difficult subject matter to date and Michio Kaku writes like no other. I am about to write about civilization types and I will be quoting extensively from Michio Kaku's book on Physics Of The Impossible. Rather than footnote every other sentence or phrase, I decided to just footnote the entire blog. He's my hero and everyone should know.


Type 1 Civilization: "Those that harvest planetary power, utilizing all of the sunlight that strikes their planet. They can, perhaps harvest the power of volcanoes, manipulate the weather, control earthquakes, and build cities on the ocean. All planetary power is within their control."


Type 2 Civilization: "Those that can utilize the entire power of their sun, making them 10 billion times more powerful than a Type 1 Civilization.( In case their mother star is about to explode, these beings can move to another star system or perhaps move their home planet.)"


Type 3 Civilization: " Those that can utilize the entire power of a galaxy. They are 10 billion times more powerful than a Type 2 Civilization."


We are a Type 0.6 Civilization give or take. In order to evolve into a Type 1 Civilization, it would be necessary to transition from fossil fuel burning (oil & natural gas) and transition to a complete naturally occurring energy source and increase our energy collecting abilities by nearly one million times. "A Type 1 civilization is truly a planetary one. It is an advanced civilization that has achieved world government status and an end to all ethnic, racial and religious strife. A Type 1 civilization can also be characterized by its ability to provide all of its planetary citizens with free housing, food, education, health care, transportation and leisure needs. It is a civilization that has achieved complete international sustainable development, unlimited supplies of free non-polluting energy (solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, hydrogen fuel cell, anti-gravity etc...) and complete ecological balance with the biosphere from which all life depends." from


From this description, I see at least a three hundred year delay in us obtaining Type 1 status and that may be generous. Something would need to happen to bring large factions of people to the table to discuss the good of all provided we haven't totally polluted our planet in the meantime. That's just us - what would it take for a civilization to visit? They would need to be a full on Type 1 civilization and more than likely a Type 2 Civilization. That may take multiple thousands of years of development beyond our own. In that event, why would they visit us? We would be like an anthill to them. Would they visit to take our resources, that would be downright stupid. They could easily find a planet in their travels that was not inhabited and they would not have to deal with our nonsense. It would be so much easier. (Can you imagine an alien a thousand years in advance of us negotiating with the UN or even our Congress. I would kill myself rather than attempt that and I live here.) I'm thinking that something in our development reminds us of them, I'm not sure what but it seems to me that familiarity would be their only reason to visit. Maybe I'm a dreamer but it's the only thing that makes any sense to me.



Michio Kaku - MY HERO!!!

UFO Blog Series: Part 9

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Written by team UFOlogist, Tom Conwell

TOPIC: Why doesn't the government tell us what is going on, everyone knows that UFO's are real, right?


Back in 1947 a UFO (unidentified flying object) crashed in Roswell, NM. First reports stated that the Army/RAAF had found a flying saucer with extraterrestrial life. A day later the UFO became a top secret weather balloon with crash dummies. Balloon with dummies or UFO with extraterrestrials? How difficult can this question get for the trained military man? Still to this day, there is no reasonable account how this mistake could have been made. There were many other sightings after that until Project Blue Book was created in 1952 to address these unknown sightings. It seemed like every sighting was explained as weather balloons, swamp gas or temperature inversions. Dr. J. Allen Hynek was an associate member of panels (Projects Sign, Grudge and Blue Book from 1947 to 1969) and frequently argued that these investigations should take on a scientific slant. Mr. Hynek realized that something unexplainable was going on. He found that about 90% of the reported sightings were physical phenomenon and the remaining 10% or so were absolutely unexplainable. Project Blue Book ended in 1969 and Hynek performed investigations for decades after. Could there have been a plan to withhold information from us? Was there anything going on at all?


We find that those reporting a UFO sighting after that are roundly laughed at and even to this day. Was/is this a government plan to suppress UFO reports? Any reports on the news at night are frequently marginalized. Is that also part of the government plan? To this day a large portion of people still cannot believe that UFO's exist. An ever growing number of people think that we cannot be alone and that UFO's are completely within reason. I have already written 8 blogs, this being number 9, that discussed how difficult it would be to travel multiple light years just to get here. This is not simple stuff and everyone needs to assess their own sightings with a critical eye. It is possible but don't make that your first conclusion. I think that there is something unusual going on here but at this moment in time, I just don't know what.


Why might governments be resisting revelation of their findings? Our civilization is firmly based on religion, all kinds of different religions. Whatever your belief structure, the revelation of multiple civilizations throughout the cosmos changes the God dynamic and possibly their closely held beliefs of creation itself. This does not affect the presence of God, just how He/She may be perceived by each of the world's religions. This is potentially an earth shaking event and I personally believe that governments are worried about panic, anarchy or rebellions. Governments may be worried but their realizations are unfounded. Governments are basically stupid and give little or no credit to humankind. We are a flexible, adaptive and intelligent race and maybe it's time for a dose of reality but that is just my opinion.


There has been tons of sightings of unexplainable aircraft ever since Project Blue Book ended. Are they extraterrestrial? Has our government and every other government suppressed information about extraterrestrials? Has our government come up with unique aircraft designs that are fooling even the most discerning of viewers? (By the way, our military is experimenting with all kinds of strange looking craft which accounts for many of the sightings.) Are we being lied to? What I think is that all governments think that there is something extraordinary going on. I believe that they also feel that it is now useless to resist anymore. I think that they are not objecting to sightings because things are just impossible to naysay any longer. By allowing little bits of information to "get through", it is in effect a revelation. Our world governments are capitulating by silence. It's about time and truly better than swamp gas landing in a clearing, hovering for several minutes then taking off at 1800 MPH. We're smarter than that.

UFO Blog Series: Part 8

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Written by team UFOlogist, Tom Conwell:

EMF: UFO, ghosts etc.


Take a cylindrical battery like you might find in a hardware store, attach wires to the top of it through the handy terminals, take the wires and attach it to a coil of wire like you might find wrapped around a pencil. OK, now take a look at what happens. The battery will warm up meaning that electrical current is being drawn and that there is a complete circuit. If the circuit were not complete then no current would flow through/from the battery and it would not be warm. Since current is flowing through the wires and the coil, this coil will generate a magnetic field at the coil. This might be used to pick up small metallic particles or maybe even something as large as a paper clip or small nail. Flowing electricity creates magnetic fields. Now let's try something, remove the battery and replace it with a current measuring device - some sort of a meter. Then take a magnet and move it past the coil. What happens to the meter? The meter dial moves! The magnet creates a current in the opposite direction by induction - absolutely no power is involved. It is strictly magic.


Why should you care? In blog #2, I talked about protection from Inertia when doing high speed maneuvers. In order for a UFO to be shielded from the effects of our gravity and Physics, it would be necessary to create a shield that protected the craft. If this field were strong enough, effects would be felt by those near to it. Let me tell you a story. Before I retired, I was responsible for maintaining intercom equipment that reported to the State Police, at the same time, I maintained electronic panels that kept temperature control equipment running and fire alarm panels in a high rise building. I told you that because I frequently went to a place where there was a perfect storm of electrical panels. Fire alarm, temperature control, security AND elevator control panels. This was not the new type elevator panel where there were cages and grounded panels everywhere you looked, this was made in the early 80's, there were open faced relays and unprotected 440VAC everywhere and it was nasty. I could feel the creepy crawly's from the EMF all over my skin. The exact same kind of skin effect reported by those with a close encounter with a UFO. Strangely enough, it's the same effect often reported by paranormal investigators in a close encounter with a spirit. It is also the same effect that triggers a "someone is watching me" feeling that I experienced every second that I was in this area which was frequently. These moments were remarkable!


Is an EMF field enough to shield a craft from the outside? If large enough, you bet it is. This field is impenetrable. The lines of force extend in every direction and if large enough will protect the occupant from anything - maybe even gravity. Large enough is not the only problem, the lines of force would need to be on the outside of the bubble and could not affect the occupant of the craft. Remember I told you how weird I felt exposed to the electro magnetic field? I can't imagine living in this bubble. It would be too weird. That's an interesting problem to solve. How do you make a huge magnetic field that surrounds but doesn't penetrate the craft? When I figure that out, I'll write about it. If we haven't figured it out or patented it, don't ask me to be the test dummy. No can do!