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Spirit Circles and Expectations

Posted by Gary Robusto on June 3, 2013 at 11:45 AM

 As people, we all in life have expectations of things. Some for ourselves and the things that we want to accomplish and live up to, and some of others; friends or family to make the right choices in life or get things done on time. Expectations are a part of our everyday life. As humans, we all have different personal beliefs which make us who we are as individuals. Those beliefs give us a certain set of expectations for the lives that we live.  They are what makes each one of us very special.  Unfortunately, with these expectations that we have for ourselves, we know that at times they won't or can't be fulfilled for many different reasons.  When this happens we end up showing dissapointment or resentment on a personal level because in our minds we think it should be one way, the way that we as individuals know, so things should happen like that. In life though, it doesn't work that way as we all know, but it doesn't mean that we can't learn from this and it doesn't mean that things are wrong just because our expectation wasn't met.

 We as paranormal investigators see this for ourselves time and time again. We have expectations as indivduals and as a team that we would like to be met. I can tell you though, those don't get met for us as individuals, but do get met as a team. What we need to remember is that an expectation is a very personal thing for each of us. It encompuses our beliefs and who we are as a person. Just because they may not be met, doesn't mean it won't be met at some time in our life. Sometimes it just takes time, the right mindset, and acceptance.

 When it comes to "spirit circles", or "message circles", people have expectations that they will talk to people of their past, family, friends or even a stranger may come through to speak. These type of events have been going on for hundreds of years. We are fasinated with the afterlife since we know nothing about it, but we all know that someday we will become a part of it, as is the circle of life.  A spirit circle consists of a medium that controls the circle and gives messages to the guests. For the most part, those guests want so bad to get some sort of message or validation and have some sort of expectation, but only they know what they want since it's so personal. Some people get the message they want, others are just left there with nothing but a person talking out loud about the unseen world around us.

What we need to remember though is that we can't force things to happen. We can't force someone from the other side to come through and speak to us; manifest right in front of us. Unfortunatly, it just doesn't work that way. If it did then as ghost researchers our jobs would be so easy and we would have all the answers, and the scientific community would then agree that ghosts are real. We still don't fully understand why only certain things, people or animals come through to communicate, but when they do that's when the message is ready to be delivered. One thing that I have seen is when different people come through to give messages, they may be someone that you don't even know. The message makes no sense to the person and thats when the expectation kicks in that this medium may not be that good at what they claim to do, but then months or years later, bam, it happens.  At the time, it made no sense, but now it does as it is happening.  

We always want to know that our loved ones are ok and in good hands on the other side, so these spirit circles are very personal on a level that only the individual knows. What we need to take away from these experiences is not that your expectation may not have been met, but that you were a part of something that brings people together to memorialize the people of the past.  To know that in our hearts we hold a piece of someone that we love or care about very much.  We go to these things to show our love for those people.  Just because we didn't recieve a message or see a ghost may not have met in your mind what you wanted, but as a whole when you stop to think about it, you met something inside you after all.  You had the courage and a reason to attend an event that is very spiritual in nature and memorialize someone in your life that you hold very close to you. That in itself is a expectation that has been met straight from your heart. =)


Gary Robusto, Founder of the Tri-City NY Paranormal Society

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