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UFO Blog Series: Part 17

Posted by Gary Robusto on June 19, 2013 at 10:25 AM

Written by Tom Conwell, UFOlogist

 Einstein Rosen Bridge, worm holes and other sciency stuff


Take a very large star say 10-20 times larger than our sun, take it to the end of its life where it would/could burn itself into a huge mess. It would combine every atom into larger and larger atoms where it would become heavier and heavier, create an area of massive gravity and shrink smaller and smaller. It would/could reach a point where this massive gravity would cause a more massive explosion, a supernova. It would leave a pretty massive mostly burned out chunk. There will be nothing to prevent it from collapsing even more (an expanding star would normally burn and expand) and it could become a tiny spot with a very massive center maybe almost infinite density. Some light would still try to come from this incredible mass but likely what is left of this star would be rotating at a faster and faster speed. it would become so fast and so massive that the light would wrap around itself and eventually never be able to leave. It would become a black hole. Everything that would be caught by this massive gravity would eventually be sucked in and become part of the black hole. Anything that would enter this black hole from its side would be stretched apart and never escape. From the top, I'm not sure what could happen. Where does the stuff go to that gets sucked in to the black hole? Some say that it is ejected from a white hole who knows where. Maybe a different dimension?


Karl Schwarzschild took Einstein's equations and applied them to how he thought things worked. He assumed a black star, a white star and two Universes to complete this thought. (The term black hole did not come until 1968 by John Archibald Wheeler.) The openings or horizons were connected by some opening and it was Austrian Ludwig Flamm who realized that this was a description of a wormhole. No one knew of any black holes in Einstein's time so this was a theory. The only problem with this theory is that a white hole is a negative black hole (a black hole that runs backwards in time) and cannot exist in our Universe but might exist in another Universe. How do we open up one of these wormholes? It would likely require a tremendous amount of energy, more than has been generated to date by our civilization. Maybe enough energy to suggest use of dark matter or dark energy. This whole thing is just crazy. How can anyone write about this stuff?


For another civilization to travel huge distances, it requires a shortcut and the only one that we are knowledgeable of right now is a wormhole. I said knowledgeable of - not competent in. We still don't know how to do any of this stuff but maybe someone, somewhere does. What will we know in another thousand years? Loads more than now that is certain and we may have some solutions for this wormhole thing.




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