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UFO Blog Series: Part 18

Posted by Gary Robusto on July 2, 2013 at 10:45 AM

Written by Tom Conwell, UFOlogist

Einstein, time travel and other sciency stuff


Einstein suggested that time travel to the future is absolutely possible. One of the ways suggested is to travel at 99.95% of the speed of light after overcoming some huge technical problems of course. Go five years, turn around and go five years back home. Over 500 years will have gone by on the Earth but the astronaut will only be 10 years older - travel at almost the speed of light slows down time for the occupant. Time will march forward not backward and it doesn't look as if time travel to the past is possible. Einstein didn't think so back then either.


Einstein changed the concept of time for everyone. Newton thought that a second was the same everywhere, on the Earth, Mars or on a distant star. He thought that the Arrow Of Time (remember that blog) was like a river that flowed the same everywhere. Einstein thought time was dependent on gravity and velocity but Kurt Goedel a talented mathematician from Einstein's time said that Einstein's equations suggested that this river of time that would change slightly around huge masses also contained whirlpools that would allow for travel to the past. Following a whirlpool would take you back in time at the same starting point. Einstein was not too happy with this conclusion and later concluded on his own that since the Big Bang was not rotating, the Universe only expanded that time travel was not possible to the past. In 1963 another mathematician concluded that a rotating disk (a black hole) could harbor an Alice In Wonderland looking glass type thingy that would allow travel to another dimension. This type of wormhole might connect two Universes or two regions in space but also two regions in time. Of course no one has done any of this stuff but it's kind of fun to consider.


Can a UFO do any of this stuff? Who the heck knows the answer to that? Are UFO's from our future, based onwhat I have read to date - NO. So far it is not possible to do any of that. If our government could travel back and mess with the past, don't you think they would have tried already? As if things aren't screwed up enough already! This is just too crazy to consider but when talking about extraterrestrial civilizations, everything needs to be on the table. Time travel remains one of the things that is talked about, written about and debated even today. I can't see how it is possible. Can you ever imagine going back in time and messing with the relationship between your grandparents? That's why I don't think it is possible besides I don't want to know.


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Reply Rev. Joe
12:56 AM on July 5, 2013 
Thanks Tom I really enjoy your information. Makes the physics and chemistry classes I took in high school and college pay off. I can understand most of what you say. keep the articles coming.