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Quantum Weirdness

Posted by Gary Robusto on August 6, 2013 at 2:45 PM

TITLE: Quantum Weirdness

Quantum Mechanics is just weird. In my opinion, there may be ten people in this world that truly understand it, another hundred or so more that can speak it and everyone else is a pretender. I am a pretender, that is why I rely on the words of others to speak this language. I attempted to read a few books and make this understandable. It was tough but this is my best effort at weird-speak. I relied heavily on the book "A Universe From Nothing" written by Lawrence M. Krauss. It is heavily quoted and as before I used quotes when I used the exact wording but for the most part consider this blog as heavily influenced by Theoretical Physicist and Cosmologist Lawrence Krauss. I love this guy!

Where can an extraterrestrial space craft get its energy from, how can it fill up with power across the cosmos, can it get here with one fill-up? This stuff is too weird to think about. I guessed in a previous blog that one way for an extraterrestrial craft to get unlimited energy was from dark energy. This is a possible reason for dark energy and I would like for all of you to consider this. Now to the world of Quantum Mechanics and I apologize again for the degree of weird-osity. Is there really nothing in deep space? What is space and where does it come from? Can an extraterrestrial operated space ship stop in the middle of the Universe, far from any star, and fill-er-up? Strange question but the short answer is maybe.




What does quantum mean?

As an example consider the entire debt of the US, a typical quantum of that would be a trillionth of one cent or .0000000000001 of a cent sorta. Another way to consider this is if you start with a drop of water, you would need to get down to the atomic size of an electron in a hydrogen atom to be considered a quantum.

Quantum Mechanics: Deals with a phenomenon where the sizes of things are at the level of atoms or .000000000000000000000001 meters. It's an attempt to study and explain how atoms and their associated particles interact with each other. I promised that I wouldn't write about the quantum world but I really need to say something. "At the heart of quantum mechanics is a rule that sometimes governs politicians - as long as no one is watching, anything goes." "Quantum fluctuations imply something essential about the quantum world; nothing always produces something, if only for an instant. If the state that a system fluctuates into requires sneaking some energy from space, it must do this in a short enough time so that no one measuring the system can detect it." (Pop into and out of existence?). I told you this stuff is weird!!!!!!!!


How does something POP into existence then back out before it can be measured?

Take a shoebox full of deep space, look inside and what do you see? Nothing, but that is not the final answer because we didn't look closely enough. Let's go to the quantum level - take a chunk of space out of the shoebox that is 1/1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 of the box and look again. There are electrons (positively and negatively charged) that POP into existence, slam into each other then disappear in a flash of energy in less time than can be observed. How is this known - Mathematics of energy calculations. The Math never worked out unless this roiling, broiling of energy was taken into effect. Where does this stuff come from? Can it be accessed? Let's look a little closer. "It certainly seems sensible to imagine that matter cannot spontaneously arise from nothing. But when we allow for the dynamics of gravity and quantum mechanics, we find that this common sense notion is no longer true." What is nothing anyhow?

All energy is clumped out in the Universe. It would be simple to conclude that it is probably clumped with all of the galaxies. Not so fast. The majority of energy is found in deep space with nothing around. 30% of energy is found with the galaxies and 70% resides in deep space itself. It is this 70% that is causing the Universe to accelerate. If it weren't for this, gravity would cause the Universe to compress. OK, the Universe is expanding rapidly, well NO it is accelerating rapidly. As galaxies move apart faster and faster, gravity moves and stays with these galaxies. It actually creates a sucking-like action on space as it flies apart. This expansion actually dumps energy into expanding space just like a vacuum cleaner sucks air and dirt from the environment. So if energy is being dumped into open space, who is to say that it can't be harvested by someone who is inventive and creative. This extraterrestrial civilization may indeed be thousands of years advanced from ours and who knows what technologies exist here. Could they have created an energy vacuum for deep space? The short answer here to this question is maybe. This stuff has to come from somewhere.


How do the lessons of the quantum world apply to the world we live in?

TRANSISTORS - How a transistor might work was predicted by Quantum Mechanics. By the 1950's these devices were operational and by the 60's started to replace tubes in electronic circuits. we never looked back,

CRYPTOLOGY/CRYPTOGRAPHY - " Quantum cryptography takes advantage of some of the quirky properties of the smallest bits of matter to operate. For instance, simply measuring the properties of a quantum system changes those properties. Accordingly, if someone intercepts the quantum key to an encoded message, they will change the key in the process. When the intended recipient examines the key, that person then knows the key was intercepted and can request a new key.",

LASERS - Adding energy to an atom causes the electrons in the atom to jump to a different level within the atom. As these electrons relax to their original state they emit photons (light) which can be focussed into a laser beam,

QUANTUM COMPUTERS - Transistors were designed small but true Quantum Mechanics was put to the test by making atoms into transistors and performing the same basic tasks. Entire computers are not far behind.,

INSTANTANEOUS COMMUNICATION - Quantum entanglement states that if one atom is forced to change the other will follow instantaneously no matter how far apart they may be. Could this be used as an instantaneous communication device across the heavens? Maybe.

TELEPORTATION - "Beam me up, Scotty." This may some day be possible. Who knows?

All of the above in various forms have been created or are works in progress because of quantum mechanics. They were predicted to exist from the Theories of Quantum Mechanics.


So the quantum world has some real life applications for all of us. Weird, for sure, but this weirdness has predicted the existence of and ultimately produced some of the best stuff to date.

Tom Conwell, UFOlogist

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