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Charging The UFO's Batteries Or Whatever It Uses

Posted by Gary Robusto on August 13, 2013 at 9:35 AM

Topic: Charging The UFO's Batteries or Whatever It Uses

There are several ways that a UFO can charge its battery. Sure, we don't know what the storage devices are, how the power is generated and if storage is even necessary. The only thing that I can operate with comes from our own technologies. So based on that here it goes with my shot at power generation, a need for storage and alien technologies.

1) Sunlight harvesting - We have been cultivating better and better ways to harness the energy of the sun over the past 50 years. Right now we use precious little sunlight as an energy source. What would happen if in the next 50 years we developed a way to convert huge amounts of sunlight to pure energy? Our lives would forever be changed. There would be so much energy available to everyone that we would be able to disassemble every power plant and never use fossil fuels again. Countries that are holding the world hostage over their supplies of energy would suddenly become irrelevant for their oil. That's how it would affect us now what could it do to supply a UFO with power? The stars in the Universe are producing enormous amounts of light, why can't a civilization use these stars to recharge the outputs of their space vehicles? Have they found a way to produce super batteries or is it necessary to produce power as you go?

2) Dark energy stripping or dark matter utilization - In a previous blog, I talked about dark matter/dark energy and how it is making galaxies accelerate away from each other. I also mentioned that we can see only 5% of the entire Universe and that everything else is dark to us. In one thousand years, I would expect to be able to use this dark stuff for our good seeing that it is everywhere. We should be able to grab a blob here and there and travel to the next star with it, why not?

3) Neutrino harvesting - Neutrinos come from the Universe due to nuclear interactions that occur in the Sun and in all distant stars and especially in supernovae. They rarely interact with anything on their travels that's why they are called Weakly Interacting Massless Particles or WIMPS. For example, if you hold your hand toward the sunlight for one second, about a billion neutrinos from the sun will pass through it, says Dan Hooper, a scientist at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and an associate professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Chicago. These things hold tremendous amounts of energy because of their speed but to date no one has been able to harness their energy. Who knows what an advanced civilization will be able to do?

4) Electro-magnetic energy from the sun - The magnetic field around the Sun is very strong. In a previous blog, I talked about EMF electro-magnetic fields and how powerful they appeared to be on the Earth. They are way more powerful around the Sun and there is no reason why they can't be utilized to produce tremendous energy surges or maybe even a way to open up wormholes to different stars. The field around a star is a magnetic field that is beyond what anyone on Earth has ever experienced. I have seen a few YouTube video clips of what is purported to be a UFO entering the fields around the Sun. The veracity of some of those remains in question but why can't an extraterrestrial civilization use existing magnetic fields for power generation? No reason that I can exclude. They are there for the taking, we would only need to figure out how, maybe in a thousand years.

5) Magnetic field sucking off planets - After discussing magnetism from a star, why can't power be sucked from a planet that has a magnetic field. Not all planets have magnetic fields so if you are an extraterrestrial civilization, why not grab it when you can. This may be lots easier than entering the corona of a star so grab it where it's easiest and utilize it to navigate that planet. I'm not sure if it's possible to utilize a planets magnetic field to open a portal to a different star but if you can, go for it.

6) Black hole banditry - Here is where things get really dicey. If it wasn't bad enough to enter the outer core of a star, try entering the close in portion of a black hole. The material around you as you go would be moving at nearly the speed of light which would make it hazardous and almost impossible to escape. The energy would be there for the taking but you may need to use all of it to escape. I wouldn't choose that route. One of the by-products of a black hole is tremendous jets of x-rays and highly charged particles that can eliminate entire civilizations thousands of light years away from it. This would not be good to get in the way of but the energy would be tremendous and it moves in a different direction as the disk of matter around a black hole. Who says that an extraterrestrial civilization has not invented a drone that will sit in the path of this x-ray blast and harvest its energy? Maybe that would be possible in a Type III civilization (previous blog) where they may have learned to harness the energy of a black hole with a drone and return it for use. Since we have barely left our own Solar system and we are still thousands of years from this, we can still dream.

7) Pulsar plucking - Pulsars are really weird dead stars that pulse huge amounts of energy in a perfectly rhythmic pattern. A pulsar is a fast rotating neutron star that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation. This beam is very intense. I would not want to get in the way of this beam but surely a drone could enter the beam, suck out some energy and return to its home very easily. This regular pulsating energy might be a great source of energy for a civilization trying to maintain life in deep space.


Many different ways of harnessing power has been discussed above. It's entirely possible that none of the above ways is feasible and some unknown energy might be there for the taking. This is my best guess based on what I know at this point. This is still fun to think about. I can't get enough of this.

Tom Conwell, UFOlogist


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