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Invisibility - Blog #23

Posted by Gary Robusto on September 3, 2013 at 10:45 AM

Did That UFO Just Disappear?

by Tom Conwell, Ufologist

Active invisibility experiments have been ongoing on our Earth for about 30 years and a working model exists. A cloak (fabric) has been invented made up of carbon nanotubes. This is really small but it does exist. First of all a definition: You have all heard about mirages especially seen in the desert. Some of you may actually have seen one. A mirage in the desert is caused when (from How Things Work) "... temperature difference between sand and air bends, or refracts, light rays. The refraction swings the light rays up toward the viewer’s eyes instead of bouncing them off the surface. In the classic example of the desert mirage, this effect causes a 'puddle' of sky to appear on the ground, which the logical (and thirsty) brain interprets as a pool of water. You've probably seen similar effects on hot roadway surfaces, with distant stretches of the road appearing to gleam with pooled water." What does carbon nanotubes do to what you see? When carbon binds with another carbon atom, it is really strong, I mean really strong like steel. Carbon can be made in very thin sheets, so thin that it's not thicker than one atom. These sheets can be rolled into little tubes and bound together into a small sheet of paper so to speak. Carbon also is a great conductor of electricity. When one side of the sheet is heated and immersed in water, there becomes a large temperature difference across the nanotubes which promotes the same effect as a mirage. Light bends around the sheet and what is behind the sheet now becomes visible. Viola, an invisibility cloak. We have also experimented with taking a camera, filming what is behind a person wearing a cloak, changing it to make it seem real from a different distance, then projecting it onto a cloak in the front. What the observer will see is what is behind the wearer of the cloak. It works, sorta! What if you were able to take a complex series of cameras and projectors, make the floor of a jumbo jet in under the pilot's feet as if they could see through it allowing the pilot to have complete visibility of what the plane is doing especially at touch down? We're close to doing that! What if we could allow a Dr. to operate on a person remotely while looking at a robot. What then if we projected the real person's image onto the robot - how real would that be? Can't do that yet! ... or maybe an invisible tank for the battlefield? (Thanks to How Stuff Works for some super ideas!!!!!)

If an extraterrestrial civilization is to travel light years to see us, it would be ridiculous to think that they have the exact technology as us. They would likely be a thousand years ahead of us. Don't you think that they could have built something into the outer skin of their craft that would cause the precise thing that we are experimenting with now. Why couldn't they be able to manipulate the skin of the craft to cause weird effects that would make it difficult to take a picture of, with slight distortions of light causing every picture to come out blurry, defocused or just plain unrecognizable and maybe that's normal for the ships to produce that effect. (Maybe that's why poor pictures of UFO's are the norm.) If large amounts of voltage is responsible for this cloaking to operate, do you remember the blog about EMF? That can cause some weird effects. A small change in voltage to one spot or the other could easily alter the look, apparent size, shape and invisibility of this craft. I can see this as a likely extension of this technology, we'll figure it out some day or maybe someone will teach us - soon. I can always hope.

Tom Conwell, UFOlogist


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