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Adventure in the Woods by Jennifer Lee-Southwick

Posted by Gary Robusto on September 12, 2013 at 9:55 AM

Written by Jennifer Lee-Southwick

I can now say that I have 2 Sasquatch missions under my belt. I was a bit apprehensive going in to the woods and wandering around in the dark. I really thought that I was going to be left in the middle of the woods huddled under some tree praying for my team mates to find me. Boy was I ever WRONG!!! I was taken care of very well. :) Gary and Amy lead the missions; they made sure I was with one of them the entire time (they did not lose me in the woods). The first time in the woods with them I thought they wanted to kill me though they had me hike forever up hill in to the mountians (I am not in that kind of shape to do this)-they were very encouraging the entire time. After we got to our destination, "base camp", they let me rest for a bit (thank you) and we got started.

The second time was a bit more low key, we had just a nice distance to go to our base camp and we got set up and started. Most of the night was a breeze but then Gary decided to have me go off trailing with him. That was an adventure in the dark, I trusted him to get us to our destination and back but boy let me tell you all those moss covered rocks were a pain. I thought I was going to break my ankle and he would have to carry me...that would of been a sight, If you know what we look like in person you will laugh at this thought. So in conclusion the adventures Sasquatching for the first time was not bad at all. Gary, Amy and the rest of the NYBS were amazing to guide a newbee like me. I am blessed to be a part of Tri-City and NYBS and I am looking forward to more adventures and training with both groups!

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