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What Is Going On At The ISS?

Posted by Gary Robusto on September 30, 2013 at 10:05 AM

What Is Going On At The ISS?

I hate YouTube, maybe that was a little harsh - I personally dislike YouTube. One reason, anyone can create anything about any subject but that's the reason that I like it also. It's eminently adaptive and adaptable. It allows nonsense but who is to say what nonsense really is? I'm not the spokesperson for this so I don't have a say in how YouTube should work or even has the right to exist. Right now, I'm focusing on what is on YouTube and why it may be relevant to everyone on Earth.

Now to the subject at hand. The ISS (International Space Station) has a continuous video feed so that anyone can watch the station that we have all paid for in one way or the other. That is a really great thing, we all have the opportunity to watch if there is a satellite that goes by and a frequent view of the Earth and the storm fronts and beautiful weather as viewed from Space. They have shown long term space walks and experiments in progress within the ship. It is magnificent to say the least. Unfortunately the space station hierarchy also can pull the plug on the live feed whenever they have a whim. It's their's (NASA and International Partners) to protect so we can't really complain but what happens when the feed dies seconds after something truly unusual is witnessed? I have seen this on YouTube - was it made up, fabricated or hacked? Not a Live Feed and it would be impossible to do so on a few second delay. Live Feed has been cut after large UFO's, giant mothership, huge cigar shaped UFO's, ball of lights, small objects flying around, what looks like satellites making 90 degree turns, ships approaching the station then circling around the station and that is just some of them. Each time the camera was either cut or re-aimed so that whatever is out there has been hidden or minimized from the view of the station.

I have made the statement before that the governments of the world are remaining silent and that is in effect a revelation. I believe that completely. I know that they know and they know that some of us know. It will need to remain like that until they decide their correct course of action, the course that will be in their best interests. The next blog will take us through the government response or how they are likely to respond: Exopolitics.

Tom Conwell, UFOlogist

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Reply Rev. Joe
9:44 PM on September 30, 2013 
Thanks for this. i just was talking to a friend this weekend who mentioned much of what you stated. There has to be some reason things may be cut out.
Reply TomC
9:19 AM on October 1, 2013 
Rev. Joe says...
Thanks for this. i just was talking to a friend this weekend who mentioned much of what you stated. There has to be some reason things may be cut out.

There is plenty going on here, Joe, and thank you for the comment. We are being watched right now. There is a half-hearted attempt at covering this up but it is real and happening. Who knows which civilization is watching because I believe that a small portion of our "government" is working with one or more of the visitors. This is only a fraction of what is going on and I actually believe that we are about to find out a lot more about this. Stay buckled up!!! Tom