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Posted by Gary Robusto on October 7, 2013 at 9:25 AM



This is one minor portion of a huge subject with more next week ...


Do alien life forms exist on Earth? Are we hiding anything? Have we been or are we being visited by another civilization? What is our plan?

Scenario UFO Landing: Tomorrow morning at 9AM a flying saucer lands on the White House lawn, Kremlin promenade, Downing Street (might be a tight fit there), the helipad at the UN and announces that they want to talk to major leaders of the world in the afternoon about cooperation. What do we do then? Allow the extraterrestrials to address the full assemblage of the UN and totally embarrass ourselves because we are left flatfooted without any measured or intelligent plan? The extraterrestrials could say whatever they wanted and we would look so out of sorts that it might scare them into going back home. There have been talks within governments, at the UN and dare I say between military powers about what to do in case that scenario happens. I have NO first hand knowledge of any of that, by the way. It would be absolutely irresponsible if we haven't had those talks. There are many strange things happening in our skies and as many times as our government attempts to show that they don't care, they know that something is afoot. They are talking, it would be collosally stupid to find out that they weren't. I feel that is true to the smallest fibers of my being. Who have we determined to be the spokespersons for our planet? The Pols, I sure hope not. Why not assemble a group of scientists of all studies, persons expert in religions (reps from each of the major religions (by major I mean >5% share of the population), someone familiar with all of the religions to be the spokesperson, someone(s) expert in different economies of the world, to meet together with a list of their concerns and present a list to the extraterrestrials for consideration/help. We don't know what they want to do here so we need to be prepared for absolutely anything. Maybe they'll offer 200 year long life to everyone - imagine what problems that would cause? What about unlimited energy - another back-breaker of a deal. Maybe they will ask us what we need, pick one thing - then what? We have met and talked to other leaders about their ideas, I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall there.

My personal choice is unlimited energy. There is nothing that I would like to see go away more than oil consumption. Does that have any problems attached - you bet and these problems are huge. There would be probably 3 million (conservatively speaking) persons to be put out of work. What a major hit that would be. How do we recover - distribution solving. Free energy would need to be distributed through new and updated not archaic wiring distribution systems, new data transmission systems would also become important to update only because extraterrestrial influence would be apparent in computing systems, new power plants would need to be constructed, newly trained operators would need to be hired, engineers would need to be hired, adaptive electronics for everything powered today would need to be manufactured (who says the extraterrestrials would use 60 cycle transmission), new hiring and retraining would need to be projected for ten years to recover from the oil glut that would occur, all cars would need to be redesigned, new parts for cars and remanufacturing from outside companies, entirely new business would pop up overnight and the costs would be enormous. After 10 years the costs would all go away, the electrical infrastructure would be completely new, the remaining eyesores for our government would be an update of the transportation infrastructure. Money saved in energy use may be able to be diverted to repairing and updating the roads and bridges which would also be repaired. Cars would be more affordable because the energy required would be way cheaper. Everyone would want a new car - what kind of response would we have? There are major changes that would need to be addressed, everyone who wanted a job would have one and education would become a premium. There would be an explosion of Community College retraining centers along with an update of new technologies in our Universities. I would also hope that new technologies would also influence an update in growing styles in Agriculture and help feeding everyone. Energy would be cheap so bringing water to dry areas would be cost effective. Water will become an issue and turning saltwater to fresh water will be cost effective. Energy is the number one cost concern in desalinization plants. Changing energy is the best and most effective use of our efforts. It will be rough going but in ten years the world will be different and much, much better. Where are these guys anyhow?

Tom Conwell, UFOlogist

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