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Posted by Gary Robusto on October 24, 2013 at 5:25 PM

... more on Exopolitics

Is it possible that extraterrestrials have been priming this world, informing a special few and educating key persons (possibly even hybrid alien-humans) to be ready once they make contact? It sure makes sense to me. If an extraterrestrial civilization makes themselves known to us, there would sure be a load of problems to deal with. Wouldn't it be necessary to be able to communicate (they're probably telepathic and not likely to vocalize), we would need to prove good intentions as would they, we would need to be ready to accept help not fight, we would need to possibly embrace a different religion or try to meld it with our own, maybe we would need to forsake all types of religion. There would need to be a considerable structure within all of the governments of the Earth to pass on intelligent information from the cosmos and disseminate that information to everyone on the Earth. Maybe they would pass information to us about our DNA, where we came from, if the DNA was altered, how to harness the energies of the Earth, how to communicate with all of the aliens, maybe they could teach us all of the real Laws of Physics, maybe we would find out how to travel to other stars (it's at this point that I hope that they ride roughshod on us because we are a race of war-mongering idiots who would rather shoot first than talk), maybe they will teach us about all of the civilizations of the Universe, maybe they will show us healing or even self-healing, maybe they will reveal all of the part humans in the society and get them to do all of their work and interfacing or maybe they will show us what's possible then leave us to get our act together.


I happen to believe that I will not be around when they decide to reveal themselves, we will not make major strides for probably one hundred years. But we will make those strides and aliens will make themselves known to us and show us the ways of the Universe at that point. In the whole scheme of things, that is not very far away. Besides our government needs to be able to back down from denigrating everyone who says flying saucer, ET, UFO or abduction. They made a huge effort to talk down everyone who said any of those words and it will take a while for them to back down from their collective stupidity. We (meaning everyone on Earth) need to learn how to communicate not fight, we need to appreciate not confront and that is still pretty far off. In my opinion we are being seeded with part Earthlings and part extraterrestrials who will be at the ready to take over when the time is right. I wish that I were wrong, I would love to see the results of another civilization's efforts to inform us of the ways of the Universe. I crave this but I am also realistic. We are not close to ready - idiots are too prevalent.



Tom Conwell, UFOlogist

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