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Warp Drive

Posted by Gary Robusto on November 4, 2013 at 1:35 PM

BLOG #27


TOPIC: Alcubierre's Design - Warp Drive


Who is Alcubierre? He is a Mexican Theoretical Physicist. He wrote a paper in which he described " ... a theoretical means of traveling faster than light that does not violate the physical principle that nothing can locally travel faster than light. In this paper, he constructed a model that might transport a volume of flat space inside a "bubble" of curved space. This bubble is driven forward by a local expansion of space-time behind it, and an opposite contraction in front of it, so that theoretically a spaceship would be placed in motion by forces generated in the change made by space-time." from Wikipedia which is not always correct. Next I'll put that into English.



FTL (faster than light) speeds - I have discussed in several blogs that no ship can travel faster than the speed of light. What happens to this speed when the ship remains still and the space around it moves? No problem at all. The ship is not moving, compressing from front to back or converting to energy. It's like stepping away from the breakfast table and being at work hundreds of miles away within the same second.


How do we make one of these special drives that move space around? First a discussion: I love cake donuts not the kind filled with air. The reason is that it costs the same as one filled with air yet when I eat it, I am so much more satisfied. Eating two is even better! Picture a cake donut that was super huge that completely surrounded a spacecraft. If this donut was baked with some kind of exotic particles that when turned on or focused forward would make space act really weird, we have some action going. Space would move from the front of the craft to the back of the craft without the spacecraft needing to do anything, no blast of burning chemicals or jets of air to propel it forward. It would be like you running a marathon without breaking a sweat or ever expending a single ounce of effort. You could go the entire 26.5 miles faster than a ray of light. That's a marathon that I could run.


Moving space around has been proven by Einstein to be possible. In Blog # 15 and 17, I talked about worm holes and exotic matter and dark matter. Our scientists have been able to capture very tiny amounts of this stuff and it is really weird stuff. It acts like has been predicted and in the presence of actual matter (our visible universe) is incredibly explosive and filled with almost unlimited energy in large enough quantities. In order to move space around it might also be possible that we would need anti-matter or negative matter to cause space to warp. We may need a large heaping amount of this exotic stuff to make this faster than light FTL drive to become real. Wouldn't it become interesting to travel to Mars in a few hours? It's all possible with the right stuff. Let's say that you started moving very fast in space because you could take the space in front of you and move it to the back. Let's also look at what would be waiting for the spacecraft with each extra acceleration. The space would start piling up inside of the warp field in front of you waiting for you to move it to the back. It would be like moving a refrigerator across the kitchen floor with the front legs sitting on a throw rug. The rug would start to bunch up (just like space would) and might reach a point where you may not be able to move it or go faster - my theory. The other problem would become apparent as you moved through space. Let's discuss this in the next paragraph.


We have sent many satellites into space looking at cosmic radiation. Only a small amount comes from our sun, the rest comes from all of the stars that have blown up since the beginning of time, are pulsating, energy releases from black holes and some undiscovered sources. This radiation comes from every direction in the universe. Our planet filters out some of this stuff but we are still hit daily with plenty of cosmic radiation. By the way space isn't empty, it is filled with the radiation from all of the above sources. Filled with it! If you traveled a few hundred miles in space, you would come across some of these high energy radiation particles. What happens when you go 3 million-trillion miles? A large amount of these particles are likely trapped in the pile of space in front of you (like your cat would be if it were napping on the rug while you were moving the refrigerator.) Once you slowed down and stopped, it is possible that the radiation would be released in the direction that you were moving. (I can assure your cat would be moving away from the refrigerator!) You might annihilate the star system you are visiting with a huge amount of high energy particles like a particle beam. I wouldn't want to be part of the farming civilization on Planet X that morning!

Of course we haven't solved any possible problem yet, this is only theoretical. Maybe there is no limit to how fast anyone can travel or once going that fast can we remove these high energy killers caught up in our wake. Also we haven't figured out how to stop if we were ever to create a warping of space-time. There are also many questions about how much negative matter is necessary to pull this off. I have seen a description that would require as much anti-matter as would be equal to all of the matter in everything that we can see. Since we have only trapped a few particles, we have a few years of research ahead of us. It's going to be a while if this is the course of action. Maybe forever. Maybe there's another answer. Encourage your children to be Mathematicians and Physicists. Unless we are told the answer by some extraterrestrial civilization, we need to figure it out on our own. The time to start is now. If you're young - go to school and study Math & Physics. Let's do this!

Tom Conwell, UFOlogist

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