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Abductions Again

Posted by Gary Robusto on November 13, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Abductions Again

Blog 27A

by Tom Conwell




I am now conducting my fifth interview of a potential abductee by an alien race. I'll be honest with you all, I never thought that life could possibly end up so challenging for the abductees. This wasn't logical to me. I simply never could have predicted my reactions to the plight of the abductee.


I never imagined the level of disruption to people's lives,

I never imagined the level of terror induced,

I never imagined the level of destroyed trust in the most basic of human actions,

I never imagined the level of anger at the abductors and

I never imagined the level of raw fear in virtually every human experiencer.

This is as real as the sun rising and rain falling. Never mind aliens don't exist or it's impossible to travel near to or even faster than the speed of light and they couldn't get here or possibly that we happen to be the center of the universe and humans are the only intelligent civilization.


That stuff is just plain stupid.


There are in fact millions of civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy alone, this galaxy is one of a trillion other galaxies and we happen to be averaged size. We could not count high enough to equal the amount of separate civilizations in the Universe.

There are several things that seem to be standard. Humans are taken daily from their homes and cars, abductees are likely to have been taken more than once during their life, a significant message is frequently relayed to the abductee, families seem to be more often involved than less often, every person that I have interviewed to date seems to be psychic or possesses some level of psychic abilities and abductions may be occurring at five to seven year intervals even if you cannot remember most. These are generalities and there are likely more but I've mentioned the ones that I have come across. Once the abductee realizes that this is what has happened to them, the floodgates open wide. After a ton of questions intended to get the possible abductee to think back, stuff gets remembered that has been discarded or discounted for years. This becomes a waterfall of memories, from a trickle to a torrent. I also hear - "you don't know how good it feels to get this off my chest", "this has been a burden to me and my family" and my favorite one "I think I can sleep tonight because I'm not so scared anymore and I'm beginning to understand." This is what I see.


I am not a psychologist and I do not claim to be or play at being. If something is over the top, I will pull the plug immediately with immediate recommendations for psychiatric assistance. If you know me you'll know that I do not mess around with this. This is so real and it involves someone's life and family. Let me repeat, this is real - frighteningly and terrifyingly real. Abductions are a real product of the meddling in our civilization of another civilization - like it or not. Putting things into perspective seems to be the only course of action and often this has positive results. Please don't discount the terrifying effects that this has taken in the life of the abductee. Things can get better. Telling your story is step #1.

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