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Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Gary Robusto on November 25, 2013 at 11:20 AM

Artificial Intelligence - A necessary step in evolution of our species.

Tom Conwell, UFOlogist

Do you realize how hard it is to send a human through 10,000 Trillion miles in space and have them come out happy and chipper on the other end. Pretty hard and for us impossible. How would we reach out to other civilizations, travel to them, investigate their intelligence levels, take a sample of their air, water and ground, then return home with plenty of information? Create a machine intelligence that could think on its own, send the machine on a hundred year journey (after we make our propulsion systems much better) and turn the machine loose to collect, observe, categorize, sample, and store anything it comes across along the way and return home with some stuff for us to look over. (I should add at this point that a journey much longer than that would not be realistic because personal advances in propulsion technologies could make it possible for us to arrive at the destination before the robot.) We would use robots and we aren't too far from trying that, maybe in fifty to a hundred more years. It's coming, we have some general ideas where we would like to go, we require more research and advances in Astronomy and making robots even smarter - something called artificial intelligence or A.I. The previous blog discussed increased processing power and faster computers. This is the number one stumbling block to serious advances in artificial intelligence. Get a computer fast enough and it may come close to simulating what and how we think. Solve quantum computing and we are off to the races. Solve power issues and we are off to the stars.

I'm not going to discuss the history of AI and machines. You can read that if you want on Wikipedia (basic but frequently error prone) or Google it. I am certain that if some civilization was to want to investigate us, they would certainly consider AI filled machines unless they had made some serious advances in propulsion before AI was created. It seems like the logical step in advancing the civilization. (It is at this point that I should add that I really, really hope that they weren't capable of recording reality TV and sending that back to their home planet. What would ET think of Mike Boogie or Honey Boo Boo. OMG, we're all doomed!)


What does AI really consist of, how is it developed and how far advanced can it really get? There is no reason to think that you couldn't make a machine that would behave exactly like a human. No reason to think that, remember I said ACT like a human not be one. You would need considerable computing power and some serious programming skills but it is possible. Trial and error is the best learning tool and given enough time, you could create something really good. It would need to have reasoning skills, a bank of knowledge, common sense (that might be the hardest to program because most humans struggle here), planning abilities, learning, communication with the programmer, movement skills, creativity, and the ability to be social. All of those are needed to have a robot that will interface with a human but to send a robot out into the cosmos to garner data, fewer skills are needed like logic, movement, knowledge and planning that could be changed based on what was seen at the destination. We may have had probes visit our planet in the past with observation in mind. It's not beyond impossible, time and skill could make this entirely possible to accomplish. I would not be surprised if a certain percentage of UFO sightings are as a result of robot operated craft. It's just not impossible to consider!


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