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What Do I Think

Posted by Gary Robusto on December 2, 2013 at 4:00 PM


What Do I Think

Tom Conwell, UFOlogist

Who cares, really, who cares what I think? That is a perfectly valid point except I have been asked more than a few times what I happened to think about extraterrestrials, certain UFO sightings, time travel, faster than light travel and ... . I have addressed a few of those questions along the blog trail but many I have avoided. The reason being was - who cares what I think? I only wanted to explain the hard stuff so that everyone has a chance to understand it - not try to impose my feelings. I just didn't consider my personal opinions relevant to anything at all. I was much too focused on explaining the Science so that it's not so mysterious. After all it isn't that confusing unless you happen to read something written by a Physicist then "Katie bar the door!" Some of those explanations can cause heart pain. I want my explanations to be understandable by absolutely everyone. Every bank teller, cashier, restaurant or grocery store worker should have the same access to understanding that scientists have. I haven't been so successful along the way but occasionally I strike gold. Everyone needs to understand. Why? Because when disclosure happens, we will be inundated with stuff that doesn't have a spot of relevance in our world today. We can't say, I don't understand that, so it's not relevant. Everything will be suddenly relevant and learning it will cause pain. It's going to be like being presented with changing the time on your combination clock/radio/CD/oven/VCR/TIVO/computer/phone/tablet/coffeemaker (with its accompanying 1,000 soft keys that change functions depending on which button you pushed last) and navigating through Windows menus to figure out how to change the setting on every possible adjustment point - ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! Extraterrestrial technology will cause anyone over 60 to develop a fatal inferiority complex, anyone over 40 to say "can I put this on my phone because I can't remember all of it" anyone over 20 to say "you should make this into a game" and any child to simply say "Duh, this is simple!" I think I hate children!


Here is a listing of several of the topics that I have covered to date and what I think about them:


Cosmos - Extraterrestrial civilizations are everywhere. There may even be a million civilizations in the Milky Way alone. We have not even begun to scratch the surface on this topic.


Speed of light - we cannot go faster than the speed of light directly. We can trick it by moving space around possibly by it looking like we are effectively going faster than light but we cannot accelerate through it! Well, I'm pretty sure about that.


Abduction - There is a direct plan by a few extraterrestrial civilizations to abduct, experiment on and abduct again possibly checking their work. That is ongoing for at least several thousand years. Some civilizations just want to observe, some want to influence a few select persons into increasing their brain power or psychic skills and I think that some want to tinker with life and create something that doesn't exist yet probably because they can.


Hovering craft - Are these Earth created or extraterrestrial craft? I don't believe that any of these are Earth created. If they are so secret, we wouldn't be flying them where they can be seen. We'd do it on the Moon or Mars. The hovering and rapidly accelerating craft that we occasionally see are operated by civilizations from this galaxy, other galaxies and different dimensions. There may be a group of persons who know how to do this BUT they have been taught by extraterrestrials.

Why doesn't the government tell us what is going on - maybe they really are - They are telling us. I said it in this blog. Our government is practicing a slow release of information. They have stopped trying to say that the UFO's are swamp gas or Venus. They are allowing the media to say everything for them by ridicule with ever increasing bits of truth. The release of information I called "capitulation by silence". In 20 or so years for absolute sure, this will all change. It could happen next month but the likelihood is that it will still take a few years. I hope that this will occur sooner rather than later and I would like to be alive to see it.


Civilization types - There are hundreds of civilizations that have visited, are visiting the Earth and the number grows weekly. They are all over the place living under water, under ground, within mountains, on the Moon and on Mars with a possible shout-out to the moons of Jupiter. This is a very crowded Solar System.


Anti-gravity - I still don't know how these ships are able to hover and they likely use incredible amounts of energy seemingly without breaking a sweat. They are doing this though. Sign me up when they put on sale the first tickets for a tour.


The Arrow Of Time - This is one subject that I cannot grasp. I can't see how it is possible to travel to a time before that particular time machine was invented. I just don't get it.


Dark Matter & Dark Energy - I actually think this is another dimension influencing our Universe and that is invisible to us.


Drake Equation - I think that there is 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 or more stars in the universe and many of those stars support some type of life.


Einstein-Rosen Bridge, worm holes and other sciency stuff - Worm holes are doors to other places in our universe. I know that it will be hundreds of years until we can develop enough power to open one up if left alone. We'll figure this out eventually.


Is that a UFO? - Yes it is unidentified, so far and it's probably from another civilization and maybe even another time.

Quantum Weirdness - No one truly understands this and I'm no exception. If you happen to know, keep it to yourself, my mind is fragile enough.


Did That UFO Just Disappear? - Yes it did and the extraterrestrials have a grasp of that technology.


What Is Going On At The ISS? - There is an ongoing coverup of UFO sightings at the International Space Station. They are everywhere out there and some day we'll find out. Did I mention EVERYWHERE?


Exopolitics - Our politicians are just too dumb and inflexible to negotiate with an advanced civilization. I sure hope we have a plan for all of this because it's coming soon if it already hasn't happened on some level.


Alcubierre's Design - Warp Drive - Sure a warp drive is possible. All we need is more energy than civilization has produced to date. Then we'll be all set to go.


Moore's Law - Extraterrestrials have computing power billions of times greater and faster than we have. We need to do a little work on this yet. A Quad-Four microprocessor doesn't cut it yet.


AI - We are within 100 years of a super-major breakthrough in the field of Artificial intelligence. We will be on our way to setting that knowledge loose on all of the ills of this world, that is if it doesn't rule us first.


Crop Circles - this will be the next blog. You will just need to read it.


Tom Conwell, UFOlogist

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