Paranormal/Anomalous Photos Paranormal/Anomalous Photos Erika Hafner's Ten Broeck Photo During our Halloween Paranormal Investigation in October 0f 2012, guests Deb and Erika along with team members Amy and Joe were sitting in the master bedroom of the Ten Broeck Mansion, speaking about the supposed personality of Abraham Ten Broeck. Upon snapping several photos from where she was sitting on the floor at the time, Erika captured an incredible photo of what appears to be a dark shadow coming from the sofa next to her and moving toward the other side of the room. Photos taken before and after this one indicate that there was no camera strap or other apparatus in the way of the photo. Spectacular job, Erika!! 186122343 Rick's "Red Fog" Photo Taken around 2004, this photo accompanies Team Manager Rick Martin's experience while outside on his parent's street at night. He witnessed what he called a "red fog" moving slowly down the street and upon snapping a zoomed in photo, captured this. His full story is here under "Rick's Vortex Encounter": On the bottom right corner of the photo, you'll notice what was interpreted by a paranormal investigator in Los Angeles to be two hands pulling 'something back into a vortex that shouldn't have gotten out'. This is not a Tri-City NYPS interpretation, to this day Rick has no interpretation for this photograph or for the experience he witnessed. It is truly 'paranormal'. 179139358 Ten Broeck Mansion "Lady in the Window" Close Up The close up of something standing in the window at the Ten Broeck Mansion 2nd story window of the "dress room", where multiple witnesses have seen a woman or other nondescript figure standing in the window. This has been reported since the mid 1970's. We have worked diligently to try and debunk the shape, form, color and every aspect of this "figure" shape in the window, and have been unable to reproduce it with any resemblance. We do not know "who" this is, if this human shaped white anomaly is even someone. It's a great capture, and we're lucky to have it - whatever the meaning behind it. 120819702 Ten Broeck Mansion "Lady in the Window" Original The original photo taken at the Ten Broeck Mansion of Albany, NY. The feature in the middle window is the bottom of the stairs leading to the third floor. 120819703 Melville House "Black Fog" Enhanced This is the computer enhanced/lightened photograph (contrast and gamma levels increased), showing the attic at the Herman Melville house in Lansingburgh, NY. It has had the contrast brought up and lightened to show that the dark streak is a part of the atmosphere in the room when the photo was taken. It is not an artifact on the lens of the camera and no photo taken before or after that or any others from that night had anything remotely like this on them. 184304550 Melville House "Black Fog" Original ORIGINAL PHOTO: This photo of the attic was taken in May 2012 during a team investigation. The photo shows a dark streak across the top which was not present in any way when the photo was being taken. There is no strap on the camera, and nothing in the way of the lens. A finger or body part would show up red and illuminated differently. 184304551 Olde Judge Mansion Orb This photo from the Olde Judge Mansion in Troy, NY shows an orb of light or possible energy above the black door frame. While the team does not present photos of orbs to clients as 'evidence' of anything paranormal, the anomaly of these types of images cannot be ignored. We do know that a sphere is a natural shape for energy to travel in, (think of ball lightning), however, we cannot say for sure if this is a "spirit" or "ghost" by any means. The orbs that we see with our own eyes are indisputable proof of visible energy, and the self-illuminating aspect of some orbs caught on camera leads us to believe that these are sometimes a paranormal occurrence. The "what" and the "why" are still part of the research we're continuously working on. 186212456