National Spiritual Alliance, MA: April 4, 2013 National Spiritual Alliance, MA: April 4, 2013 177357245 Gary Robusto on the way to MA 177357222 The National Spiritual Alliance This sanctuary and meeting hall was built in the 1920's as a memorial to the Thompson family. It was later made into the main building of the NSA. 177357238 Andrew Jackson Davis the "Poughkeepsie Seer" One of the only known paintings of this man, in need of conservation and restoration. This famous visitor in the painting later became an Elder Statesman of Spiritualism 177357246 A little about Spiritualism from the book Spirit & Spa 177357241 177464693 177464694 177464698 177464695 177464696 177877419 177877423 Gary using the Zoom H1 recorder 177357226 Leading down the Fairy Forest path 177357224 Leading out from the Fairy Forest to Lake Pleasant 177357227 Lake Pleasant 177357229 View from the lake to the seance room above the post office 177357230 177877422 177877421 177464702 The stone steps of what's left of the train platform for Lake Pleasant. It was moved up the hill after the Great Fire of 1907 and demolished in the late 20th Century. 177357240 1924 carved into the concrete steps leading up into the trees from the old train platform location. 177357234 177464700 182736695 177877420 182736696 177465128