Mount Ida Church of the Ascension Investigation Mount Ida Church of the Ascension Investigation Front of the former church 180203134 Gary Robusto 180203235 The gorge at the back 180203236 Tim Conwelll, Tom Conwell, Josh Howarth 180203237 Krissy Gibson-Howarth 180203238 Gary Robusto 180203239 The sanctuary 180203240 The Spread 180203241 Gorgeous main window above the altar 180220398 Krissy, Amy & Gary 180220399 Josh, Amy, Gary & Krissy 180220400 Tim Conwell 180220401 Krissy and some of the meters 180220402 Ray & Rick in the pews 180220404 KII meter placed in the upper area of the bell tower. 180412308 Digital recorder in the bell tower 180412314 Jen in the lower area of the bell tower 180412316 Rick Martin investigating the basement 180412332