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                100% of the proceeds goes to preserving this historic home so help us SAVE our local 

                 historic locations!!!




            2020 "Pandemic" Events are HERE!!!

We follow CDC Regulations and guidelines to bring safe social distancing event to you all !!!!



     Dr, Christopher Best House " PRIVATE" Investigation RAFFLE

                      Oct, 17th 2020, 7pm-12am

Have you ever wanted to investigate side by side with a paranormal team in a very private setting? Now is your chance!! We are RAFFLING off 4 spots to join Investigators, Gary " Hootenholla" and lead investigator Kristi as you will join them and have the whole house to yourself!! You state of the art equipment with no distractions in the silence of the hallways of this 1800s historic Drs. Office! Take you chance and Purchase a raffle ticket as they are only $5 and 100%                                                 of the proceeds goes to saving this historic gem!


                                 Full Moon Halloween Spirit Circle

                                      Dr.Christopher Best House 

                                          Oct 31st  6:30pm-8pm

Come Join us on All Hallows Eve as we bring in the pagan new year with a very rare and special " Spirit Circle" at the Dr. Best House. Come be part of the collective energy as we try to communicate with the spirits on the other side as the veil between the 2 worlds is at its thinnest !! Very limited space for this rare event so get your Spot ASAP!!

                        *****TICKETS GO ON SALE SATURDAY!!****




                                   Dr. Christopher Best House

                                        Oct 31st  7pm-12am

Have you ever wanted to investigate a very active and historical location on Halloween? Now is your chance!!! Come explore the rooms and halls with team founder, Gary " Hootenholla" as we will investigate with the use of technology the spirit realms of this home! Become part of a small team of investigators and learn the ins and outs of paranormal research while conducting real time research.  What better night to do it then on Halloween!! Space is VERY limited so make sure to get                                                                           your spot quick!!

                                                                                                                             ****TICKETS TO GO ON SALE THURS OCT. 15TH***** ONLY 6 SPOTS



Total Money Raised for organizations:

Dr.Christopher Best House:

Total Funds Raised: $5,430

2015/2016 Funds Raised: $1,475

2016: $875

2017: $1,200

2018: $710

2019: $1,170

2020: $

Shaker Heritage Society:

Total Funds Raised: $1,600

Raised for Cemetery Tree Removal project: $1,600

Ten Broeck Mansion-

Total Funds Raised: $7,240

2010-15  $6,100

2016- $200

2018- $740

2019- $425

Fulton County Museum:

2019- $480

2020- $